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! On display n.
has been put in a place where everybody can see it.
There are many kinds of species on display in the zoo,lets go and visit there.

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public display of affection
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1    tr   to show or make visible  
2    tr   to disclose or make evident; reveal  
to display anger     
3    tr   to flaunt in an ostentatious way  
to display military might     
4    tr   to spread or open out; unfurl or unfold  
5    tr   to give prominence to (headings, captions, etc.) by the use of certain typefaces  
6    intr     (Zoology)   to engage in a display  
7    the act of exhibiting or displaying; show  
a display of fear     
8    something exhibited or displayed  
9    an ostentatious or pretentious exhibition  
a display of his accomplishments     
a    an arrangement of certain typefaces to give prominence to headings, captions, advertisements, etc.  
b    printed matter that is eye-catching  
11      (Electronics)  
a    a device capable of representing information visually, as on a cathode-ray tube screen  
b    the information so presented  
12      (Zoology)   a pattern of behaviour in birds, fishes, etc., by which the animal attracts attention while it is courting the female, defending its territory, etc.  
13    modifier   relating to or using typefaces that give prominence to the words they are used to set  
     (C14: from Anglo-French despleier to unfold, from Late Latin displicare to scatter, from dis-1 + plicare to fold)  
  displayer      n  

display advertisement   , display ad  
      n   an advertisement designed to attract attention by using devices such as conspicuous or elegant typefaces, graphics, etc.  
   See       small advertisement  
head-up display  
      n   the projection of readings from instruments onto a windscreen, enabling an aircraft pilot or car driver to see them without looking down  
LED display  
      n   a flat-screen device in which an array of light-emitting diodes can be selectively activated to display numerical and alphabetical information, used esp. in pocket calculators, digital timepieces, measuring instruments, and in some microcomputers  
liquid-crystal display  
      n   a flat-screen display in which an array of liquid-crystal elements can be selectively activated to generate an image, an electric field applied to each element altering its optical properties; it is used, for example, in portable computers, digital watches, and calculators,   (Abbrev.)    LCD  
      adj   denoting a car-parking system in which a motorist buys a permit to park for a specified period from a coin-operated machine and displays the permit on or near the windscreen of his or her car so that it can be seen by a parking attendant  
seven-segment display  
      n   an arrangement of seven bars forming a square figure of eight, used in electronic displays of alphanumeric characters: any letter or figure can be represented by illuminating selected bars  
visual display unit  
      n     (Computing)   a device with a screen that displays characters or graphics representing data in a computer memory. It usually has a keyboard or light pen for the input of information or inquiries,   (Abbrev.)    VDU  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  



1    betray, demonstrate, disclose, evidence, evince, exhibit, expose, manifest, open, open to view, present, reveal, show, take the wraps off, unveil  
2    expand, extend, model, open out, spread out, stretch out, unfold, unfurl  
3    boast, flash     (informal)   flaunt, flourish, parade, show off, vaunt  
4    array, demonstration, exhibition, exposition, exposure, manifestation, presentation, revelation, show  
5    flourish, ostentation, pageant, parade, pomp, show, spectacle  
,       vb   conceal, cover, hide, keep dark, keep secret, mask, secrete, veil  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English synonyme-Thesaurus