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1    an accepted level or standard, such as an average (esp. in the phrase up to par)  
2    a state of equality (esp. in the phrase on a par with)  
3      (Finance)   the established value of the unit of one national currency in terms of the unit of another where both are based on the same metal standard  
4      (Commerce)  
a       See       par value  
b    the condition of equality between the current market value of a share, bond, etc., and its face value (the nominal par). This equality is indicated by at par, while above (or below) par indicates that the market value is above (or below) face value  
5      (Golf)   an estimated standard score for a hole or course that a good player should make  
par for the course was 72     
6    below or under par   not feeling or performing as well as normal  
7    par for the course   an expected or normal occurrence or situation  
8    average or normal  
9    usually prenominal     (Commerce)   of or relating to par  
par value     
     (C17: from Latin par equal, on a level; see peer1)  

      adj   (of securities) without a par value  
      abbrev. for  
1    paragraph  
2    parallel  
3    parenthesis  
4    parish  
      abbrev. for   Paraguay  
      prefix   a variant of para-1 before a vowel  
par avion     (French)  
      adv   by aeroplane: used in labelling mail sent by air  
par excellence     (French)     (English)  
      adv   to a degree of excellence; beyond comparison  
she is the charitable lady par excellence     
     (French, literally: by (way of) excellence)  
par value  
      n   the value imprinted on the face of a share certificate or bond and used to assess dividend, capital ownership, or interest,   (Also called)    face value      Compare       market value       book value       2  
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1    average, level, mean, median, norm, standard, usual  
2    balance, equal footing, equality, equilibrium, equivalence, parity  
3    above par      excellent, exceptional, first-rate     (informal)   outstanding, superior  
4    below par:     
a    below average, bush-league     (Austral. & N.Z. informal)   dime-a-dozen     (informal)   inferior, lacking, not up to scratch     (informal)   poor, second-rate, substandard, tinhorn     (U.S. slang)   two-bit     (U.S. & Canad. slang)   wanting  
b    not oneself, off colour     (chiefly Brit.)   off form, poorly     (informal)   sick, under the weather     (informal)   unfit, unhealthy  
5    par for the course      average, expected, ordinary, predictable, standard, typical, usual  
6    on a par      equal, much the same, the same, well-matched  
7    up to par      acceptable, adequate, good enough, passable, satisfactory, up to scratch     (informal)   up to the mark  

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