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1    the capital of France, in the north on the River Seine: constitutes a department; dates from the 3rd century b.c., becoming capital of France in 987; centre of the French Revolution; centres around its original site on an island in the Seine, the Île de la Cité, containing Notre Dame; university (1150). Pop.: 2130900 (1995),   (Ancient name)    Lutetia  
2    Treaty of Paris  
a    a treaty of 1783 between the U.S., Britain, France, and Spain, ending the War of American Independence  
b    a treaty of 1763 signed by Britain, France, and Spain that ended their involvement in the Seven Years' War  
c    a treaty of 1898 between Spain and the U.S. bringing to an end the Spanish-American War  
     (via French and Old French, from Late Latin (Lutetia) Parisiorum (marshes) of the Parisii, a tribe of Celtic Gaul)  
  Parisian      n, adj  
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