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      n   a country that is part of the United Kingdom, occupying the north of Great Britain: the English and Scottish thrones were united under one monarch in 1603 and the parliaments in 1707: a separate Scottish parliament was established in 1999. Scotland consists of the Highlands in the north, the central Lowlands, and hilly uplands in the south; has a deeply indented coastline, about 800 offshore islands (mostly in the west), and many lochs. Capital: Edinburgh. Pop.: 4998567 (1991). Area: 78768 sq. km (30412 sq. miles)  
   Related adjs       Caledonian       Scottish  

Church of Scotland  
      n   the established church in Scotland, Calvinist in doctrine and Presbyterian in constitution  
Margaret of Scotland  
      n   Saint. 1045--93, queen consort of Malcolm III of Scotland. Her piety and benefactions to the church led to her canonization (1250). Feast days: June 10, Nov. 16  
Scotland Yard  
      n   the headquarters of the police force of metropolitan London, controlled directly by the British Home Office and hence having certain national responsibilities,   (Official name)    New Scotland Yard  
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