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1    the mixture of gases that forms the earth's atmosphere. At sea level dry air has a density of 1.226 kilograms per cubic metre and consists of 78.08 per cent nitrogen, 20.95 per cent oxygen, 0.93 per cent argon, 0.03 per cent carbon dioxide, with smaller quantities of ozone and inert gases; water vapour varies between 0 and 4 per cent and in industrial areas sulphur gases may be present as pollutants  
2    the space above and around the earth; sky  
   Related adj       aerial  
3    breeze; slight wind  
4    public expression; utterance  
to give air to one's complaints     
5    a distinctive quality  
an air of mystery     
6    a person's distinctive appearance, manner, or bearing  
7      (Music)  
a    a simple tune for either vocal or instrumental performance  
b       another word for       aria  
8    transportation in aircraft (esp. in the phrase by air)  
9       an archaic word for       breath       1--3  
10    clear the air   to rid a situation of tension or discord by settling misunderstandings, etc.  
11    give (someone) the air  
Slang   to reject or dismiss (someone)  
12    in the air  
a    in circulation; current  
b    in the process of being decided; unsettled  
13    , into thin air   leaving no trace behind  
14    on (or off) the air   (not) in the act of broadcasting or (not) being broadcast on radio or television  
15    out of or from thin air   suddenly and unexpectedly  
16    take the air   to go out of doors, as for a short walk or ride  
17    up in the air  
a    uncertain  
b    Informal   agitated or excited  
18    walk on air   to feel elated or exhilarated  
19    modifier     (Astrology)   of or relating to a group of three signs of the zodiac, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius  
   Compare       earth       10       fire       24       water       12  
20    to expose or be exposed to the air so as to cool or freshen; ventilate  
to air a room     
21    to expose or be exposed to warm or heated air so as to dry  
to air linen     
22    tr   to make known publicly; display; publicize  
to air one's opinions     
23    intr   (of a television or radio programme) to be broadcast,   (See also)        airs  
     (C13: via Old French and Latin from Greek aer the lower atmosphere)  

      n   a mountainous region of N central Niger, in the Sahara, rising to 1500 m (5000 ft.): a former native kingdom. Area: about 77700 sq. km (30000 sq. miles),   (Also called)    Asben, Azbine  
      abbrev. for   All India Radio  
air alert  
      n     (Military)  
1    the condition in which combat aircraft are airborne and ready for an operation  
2    a signal to prepare for this  
air bag  
      n   a safety device in a car, consisting of a bag that inflates automatically in an accident and prevents the passengers from being thrown forwards  
air base  
      n   a centre from which military aircraft operate,   (Also called)    air station  
air bed  
      n   an inflatable mattress  
air bladder  
1      (Ichthyol)   an air-filled sac, lying above the alimentary canal in bony fishes, that regulates buoyancy at different depths by a variation in the pressure of the air,   (Also called)    swim bladder  
2    any air-filled sac, such as one of the bladders of seaweeds  
air brake  
1    a brake operated by compressed air, esp. in heavy vehicles and trains  
2      (Also called)    dive brake   an articulated flap or small parachute for reducing the speed of an aircraft  
3    a rotary fan or propeller connected to a shaft to reduce its speed  
air bridge  
      n     (Brit)   a link by air transport between two places, esp. two places separated by a stretch of sea  
air chief marshal  
      n   a senior officer of the Royal Air Force and certain other air forces, of equivalent rank to admiral in the Royal Navy,   (Abbrev.)    ACM  
air cleaner  
      n   a filter that prevents dust and other particles from entering the air-intake of an internal-combustion engine,   (Also called)    air filter  
air commodore  
      n   a senior officer of the Royal Air Force and certain other air forces, of equivalent rank to brigadier in the Army  
      vb   tr   to apply air conditioning to  
air conditioning  
      n   a system or process for controlling the temperature and sometimes the humidity and purity of the air in a house, etc.  
   air conditioner             n  
      vb   tr   to cool (an engine) by a flow of air  
   Compare       water-cool  
air corridor  
      n   an air route along which aircraft are allowed to fly  
air cover  
a    the use of aircraft to provide aerial protection for ground forces against enemy air attack  
b    the aircraft used in this,   (Also called)    air support  
air curtain  
      n   an air stream across a doorway to exclude draughts, etc.  
air cushion  
1    an inflatable cushion, usually made of rubber or plastic  
2    the pocket of air that supports a hovercraft  
3    a form of pneumatic suspension consisting of an enclosed volume of air  
   See also       air spring  
air cylinder  
      n   a cylinder containing air, esp. one fitted with a piston and used for damping purposes  
air dam  
      n   any device, such as a spoiler, that reduces air resistance and increases the stability of a car, aircraft, etc.  
      vb   , -dries, -drying, -dried   tr   to dry by exposure to the air  
air embolism  
      n      another name for       aeroembolism  
air engine  
1    an engine that uses the expansion of heated air to drive a piston  
2    a small engine that uses compressed air to drive a piston  
air-entrained concrete  
      n   a type of concrete throughout which small air bubbles are dispersed in order to increase its frost resistance: used for making roads  
air filter  
      n      another name for       air cleaner  
air force  
a    the branch of a nation's armed services primarily responsible for air warfare  
b    (as modifier)  
an air-force base     
2    a formation in the U.S. and certain other air forces larger than an air division but smaller than an air command  
air freight  
1    freight transported by aircraft  
2    tr   to send (goods) to their destination by aircraft  
air frost  
      n   air whose temperature is at or below 0°C  
air gas  
      n      another name for       producer gas  
air guitar  
      n   an imaginary guitar played while miming to rock music  
air gun  
      n   a gun discharged by means of compressed air  
air hardening  
      n   a process of hardening high-alloy steels by heating and cooling in a current of air  
   Compare       oil hardening  
air hole  
1    a hole that allows the passage of air, esp. for ventilation  
2    a section of open water in a frozen surface  
3       a less common name for       air pocket       1  
air hostess  
      n   a stewardess on an airliner  
a    an opening in an aircraft through which air is drawn, esp. for the engines  
b    the amount of air drawn in  
2    the part of a carburettor or similar device through which air enters an internal-combustion engine  
3    any opening, etc., through which air enters  
air jacket  
1    an air-filled envelope or compartment surrounding a machine or part to reduce the rate at which heat is transferred to or from it  
   Compare       water jacket  
2       a less common name for       life jacket  
air letter  
      n      another name for       aerogram       1  
air-lift pump  
      n   a pump that pumps liquid by injecting air into the lower end of an open pipe immersed in the liquid: often used in boreholes  
air marshal  
1    a senior Royal Air Force officer of equivalent rank to a vice admiral in the Royal Navy  
2    a Royal Australian Air Force officer of the highest rank  
3    a Royal New Zealand Air Force officer of the highest rank when chief of defence forces  
air mass  
      n   a large body of air having characteristics of temperature, moisture, and pressure that are approximately uniform horizontally  
air mile  
      n      another name for       nautical mile       1  
Air Miles  
      pl n   points awarded by certain companies to purchasers of flight tickets and some other products that may be used to pay for other flights  
      adj   interested in or promoting aviation or aircraft  
  air-mindedness      n  
air miss  
      n   a situation in which two aircraft pass very close to one another in the air; near miss  
Air Officer  
      n   a term used to denote the appointment of any officer in the Royal Air Force above the rank of Air Commodore to a position of command  
air plant  
      n   a name given to some epiphytes grown as greenhouse or house plants, esp. orchids of the large Old World tropical genus Aerides, grown for their white scented flowers spotted with red, purple, or rose  
air pocket  
1    a localized region of low air density or a descending air current, causing an aircraft to suffer an abrupt decrease in height  
2    any pocket of air that prevents the flow of a liquid or gas, as in a pipe  
air power  
      n   the strength of a nation's air force  
air pump  
      n   a device for pumping air in or out of something  
air raid  
a    an attack by hostile aircraft  
b    (as modifier)  
an air-raid shelter     
air-raid warden  
      n   a member of a civil defence organization responsible for enforcing regulations, etc., during an air attack  
air rifle  
      n   a rifle discharged by compressed air  
air sac  
1    any of the membranous air-filled extensions of the lungs of birds, which increase the efficiency of gaseous exchange in the lungs  
2    any of the thin-walled extensions of the tracheae of insects having a similar function  
air scoop  
      n   a device fitted to the surface of an aircraft to provide air pressure or ventilation from the airflow  
Air Scout  
      n   a scout belonging to a scout troop that specializes in flying, gliding, etc.  
   See       Scout  
air-sea rescue  
      n   an air rescue at sea  
air shaft  
      n   a shaft for ventilation, esp. in a mine or tunnel  
air shot  
      n     (Golf)   a shot that misses the ball completely but counts as a stroke  
air sock  
      n      another name for       windsock  
air spray  
      n      another name for       aerosol       3  
air spring  
      n     (Mechanical engineering)   an enclosed pocket of air used to absorb shock or sudden fluctuations of load  
air station  
      n   an airfield, usually smaller than an airport but having facilities for the maintenance of aircraft  
air terminal  
      n     (Brit)   a building in a city from which air passengers are taken by road or rail to an airport  
      adj   operating between aircraft in flight  
air traffic  
1    the organized movement of aircraft within a given space  
2    the passengers, cargo, or mail carried by aircraft  
air-traffic control  
      n   an organization that determines the altitude, speed, and direction at which planes fly in a given area, giving instructions to pilots by radio  
  air-traffic controller      n  
air turbine  
      n   a small turbine driven by compressed air, esp. one used as a starter for engines  
air valve  
1    a device for controlling the flow of air in a pipe  
2    a valve for exhausting air from a fluid system, esp. from a central-heating installation  
   See also       bleed valve  
air vesicle   , cavity  
1    a large air-filled intercellular space in some aquatic plants  
2    a large intercellular space in a leaf into which a stoma opens  
air vice-marshal  
1    a senior Royal Air Force officer of equivalent rank to a rear admiral in the Royal Navy  
2    a Royal Australian Air Force officer of the second highest rank  
3    a Royal New Zealand Air Force officer of the highest rank,   (Abbrev.)    AVM  
air waybill  
      n   a document made out by the consignor of goods by air freight giving details of the goods and the name of the consignee  
castle in the air   , in Spain  
      n   a hope or desire unlikely to be realized; daydream  
compressed air  
      n   air at a higher pressure than atmospheric pressure: used esp. as a source of power for machines  
equivalent air speed  
      n   the speed at sea level that would produce the same Pitot-static tube reading as that measured at altitude  
Fleet Air Arm  
      n   the aviation branch of the Royal Navy,   (Abbrev.)    FAA  
1    having a density greater than that of air  
2    of or relating to an aircraft that does not depend on buoyancy for support but gains lift from aerodynamic forces  
hot air  
Informal   empty and usually boastful talk  
hot-air balloon  
      n   a lighter-than-air craft in which air heated by a flame is trapped in a large fabric bag  
light air  
      n   very light air movement of force one on the Beaufort scale  
lighter than air  
      adj   lighter-than-air when prenominal  
1    having a lower density than that of air  
2    of or relating to an aircraft, such as a balloon or airship, that depends on buoyancy for support in the air  
liquid air  
      n   air that has been liquefied by cooling. It is a pale blue and consists mainly of liquid oxygen (boiling pt.: --182.9°C) and liquid nitrogen (boiling pt.: --195.7°C): used in the production of pure oxygen, nitrogen, and the inert gases, and as a refrigerant  
Marshal of the Royal Air Force  
      n   a rank in the Royal Air Force comparable to that of Field Marshal in the British army  
1    obtained by reception of a radiated broadcasting signal rather than by line feed  
an off-air recording     
2    connected with a radio or television programme but not broadcast  
an off-air phone-in     
open air  
a    the place or space where the air is unenclosed; the outdoors  
b    (as modifier)  
an open-air concert     
plein-air     (French)  
      adj   of or in the manner of various French 19th-century schools of painting, esp. impressionism, concerned with the observation of light and atmosphere effects outdoors  
     (C19: from French phrase en plein air in the open (literally: full) air)  
  plein-airist      n  
ram-air turbine  
      n   a small air-driven turbine fitted to an aircraft to provide power in the event of a failure of the normal systems  
Royal Air Force  
      n   the air force of the United Kingdom,   (Abbrev)    RAF  
Royal Air Force List  
      n     (Brit)   an official list of all serving commissioned officers of the RAF and reserve officers liable for recall  
Special Air Service  
      n   a regiment in the British Army specializing in clandestine operations  
      adj   of or relating to a missile launched from the surface of the earth against airborne targets  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  
1    a person or thing that conditions  
2    a substance, esp. a cosmetic, applied to something to improve its condition  
hair conditioner     

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  

Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Définition
When something is 'in the air', it means something exciting or significant is taking place or about to happen. Ex.: Spring is in the air - it's time for change!
means a different approach or a welcome change to something. Ex.: anna has lots of wonderful ideas and motivation - she is a breath of fresh air.
poisonous gas that pollutes the air in coal mines
a large pocket of very cold air, typically the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere, which sits over the polar region.
a column of air whirling around and towards a more or less vertical axis of low pressure, which moves along the land or ocean surface
sigle of "Air Launched Cruise Missile" that can find his target electronically by his own means at a long distance according to a memorized map of the landscape he has to pass over
can also be launched from the soil or the sea. they can be reprogrammed or destroyed during the fly by the "sender"
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