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birth control


      n   limitation of child-bearing by means of contraception  
   See also       family planning  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  
1    the process of bearing young; parturition; childbirth  
   Related adj       natal  
2    the act or fact of being born; nativity  
3    the coming into existence of something; origin  
4    ancestry; lineage  
of high birth     
5    noble ancestry  
a man of birth     
6    natural or inherited talent  
an artist by birth     
7    Archaic   the offspring or young born at a particular time or of a particular mother  
8    give birth (to)  
a    to bear (offspring)  
b    to produce, originate, or create (an idea, plan, etc.)  
      vb   tr  
9    to bear or bring forth (a child)  
     (C12: from Old Norse byrth; related to Gothic gabaurths, Old Swedish byrdh, Old High German berd child; see bear1, bairn)  

birth certificate  
      n   an official form giving details of the time and place of a person's birth, and his or her name, sex, mother's name and (usually) father's name  
birth control  
      n   limitation of child-bearing by means of contraception  
   See also       family planning  
birth mother  
      n   the woman who gives birth to a child, regardless of whether she is the genetic mother or subsequently brings up the child  
birth rate  
      n   the ratio of live births in a specified area, group, etc., to the population of that area, etc., usually expressed per 1000 population per year  
live birth  
      n   the birth of a living child  
   Compare       stillbirth  
virgin birth  
      n      another name for       parthenogenesis       2  
Virgin Birth  
      n   the doctrine that Jesus Christ had no human father but was conceived solely by the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit so that Mary remained miraculously a virgin during and after his birth  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  



1    childbirth, delivery, nativity, parturition  
2    beginning, emergence, fountainhead, genesis, origin, rise, source  
3    ancestry, background, blood, breeding, derivation, descent, extraction, forebears, genealogy, line, lineage, nobility, noble extraction, parentage, pedigree, race, stock, strain  
1 & 2    death, demise, end, extinction, passing, passing away or on  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English synonyme-Thesaurus  

Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Définition
dispatcher in EMS Control Center
distributed control system; a control system for a process or plant, wherein control elements are distributed throughout the system
chemical plants, petrochemical (oil) and refineries, boiler controls and power plant systems, nuclear power plants, environmental control systems etc.
trip or vacation taken by a couple shortly before the birth of a child
pregnant mammal before birth occurs (applies to women)
Medical term , not used in common conversation - Latin
Marriage between a man of royal or noble birth and a woman of lesser status, with the stipulation that wife and children have no claims to his titles or possessions or dignity. Still common at the beginning of the 20th C., the practice is now rare. Syn. Morganatic marriage, marriage of the left hand
[Hist.] So-called, because at the nuptial ceremony the husband gives his left hand to the bride, rather than his right, when saying, “I take thee for my wedded wife.”
[subj: poiicemen] to herd [demonstrators] into a compact group in order to control their movements
it's said for determining someone to calm down, be patient, control his/her reactions
Actual hold (complete or partial control) of digital assets with or without lawful title
[Tech.];[Leg.] hold of digital assets in cyberspace
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