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a    the front part of the trunk from the neck to the belly  
   Related adj       pectoral  
b    (as modifier)  
a chest cold     
2    get (something) off one's chest  
Informal   to unburden oneself of troubles, worries, etc., by talking about them  
3    a box, usually large and sturdy, used for storage or shipping  
a tea chest     
4      (Also)    chestful   the quantity a chest holds  
5    Rare  
a    the place in which a public or charitable institution deposits its funds  
b    the funds so deposited  
6    a sealed container or reservoir for a gas  
a wind chest, a steam chest     
     (Old English cest, from Latin cista wooden box, basket, from Greek kiste box)  
  chested      adj  

chest of drawers  
      n   a piece of furniture consisting of a frame, often on short legs, containing a set of drawers  
chest of viols  
      n   a set of viols of different sizes, usually six in number, used in consorts  
      n      another term for       tallboy  
chest voice   , register  
      n   a voice of the lowest speaking or singing register  
   Compare       head voice  
community chest  
      n     (U.S)   a fund raised by voluntary contribution for local welfare activities  
hope chest  
      n      the U.S., Canadian, and N.Z. name for       bottom drawer  
medicine chest  
      n   a small chest or cupboard for storing medicines, bandages, etc.  
sea chest  
      n   a usually large firm chest used by a sailor for storing personal property  
slop chest  
      n   a stock of merchandise, such as clothing, tobacco, etc., maintained aboard merchant ships for sale to the crew  
   Compare       small stores  
      n   a chamber that encloses the slide valve of a steam engine and forms a manifold for the steam supply to the valve  
war chest  
      n     (U.S)   a fund collected for a specific purpose, such as an election campaign  
wind chest  
      n   a box in an organ in which air from the bellows is stored under pressure before being supplied to the pipes or reeds  
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ark     (dialect)   box, case, casket, coffer, crate, kist     (Scot. & Northern English dialect)   strongbox, trunk  

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