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a    the process or an instance of clearing  
slum clearance     
b    (as modifier)  
a clearance order     
2    space between two parts in motion or in relative motion  
3    permission for an aircraft, ship, passengers, etc., to proceed  
4      (Banking)   the exchange of commercial documents drawn on the members of a clearing house  
a    the disposal of merchandise at reduced prices  
b    (as modifier)  
a clearance sale     
6      (Sport)  
a    the act of hitting or kicking a ball out of the defensive area, as in football  
b    an instance of this  
7    the act of clearing an area of land of its inhabitants by mass eviction  
   See       Highland Clearances  
8      (Dentistry)   the extraction of all of a person's teeth  
9       a less common word for       clearing  
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1    authorization, blank cheque, consent, endorsement, go-ahead     (informal)   green light, leave, O.K. or okay     (informal)   permission, sanction  
2    allowance, gap, headroom, margin  
3    depopulation, emptying, evacuation, eviction, removal, unpeopling, withdrawal  

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Digital estate Planning is the process having uniform rules of envisaging and arranging for the clearance of digital assets during a person physical life under virtual identity.
[Leg.];[Tech.] arranging for the clearance of digital assets
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