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1    a vehicle for several passengers, used for transport over long distances, sightseeing, etc.  
2    a large four-wheeled enclosed carriage, usually horse-drawn  
3    a railway carriage carrying passengers  
4    a trainer or instructor  
a drama coach     
5    a tutor who prepares students for examinations  
6    to give tuition or instruction to (a pupil)  
7    tr   to transport in a bus or coach  
     (C16: from French coche, from Hungarian kocsi szekér wagon of Kocs, village in Hungary where coaches were first made; in the sense: to teach, probably from the idea that the instructor carried his pupils)  
  coacher      n  

coach bolt  
      n   a large round-headed bolt used esp. to secure wood to masonry,   (Also called (chiefly U.S. and Canadian))    carriage bolt  
coach box  
      n   the seat of a coachman on a horse-drawn carriage or coach  
      adj   (of a vehicle) having specially built bodywork  
  coach-builder      n  
coach dog  
      n      a former name for       Dalmatian  
coach house  
1    a building in which a coach is kept  
2      (Also called)    coaching house, coaching inn     (History)   an inn along a coaching route at which horses were changed  
coach line  
      n   a decorative line on the bodywork of a motor vehicle,   (Also called)    carriage line  
coach screw  
      n   a large screw with a square head used in timber work in buildings, etc.  
devil's coach-horse  
      n   a large black rove beetle, Ocypus olens, with large jaws and ferocious habits  
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1    bus, car, carriage, charabanc, vehicle  
2    handler, instructor, teacher, trainer, tutor  
3    cram, drill, exercise, instruct, prepare, train, tutor  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English synonyme-Thesaurus  

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