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a    a compact black or dark-brown carbonaceous rock consisting of layers of partially decomposed vegetation deposited in the Carboniferous period: a fuel and a source of coke, coal gas, and coal tar  
   See also       anthracite       bituminous coal       lignite       peat   1  
b    (as modifier)  
coal cellar, coal merchant, coal mine, coal dust     
2    one or more lumps of coal  
3       short for       charcoal  
4    coals to Newcastle   something supplied where it is already plentiful  
5    haul (someone) over the coals   to reprimand (someone)  
6    to take in, provide with, or turn into coal  
     (Old English col; related to Old Norse kol, Old High German kolo, Old Irish gual)  
  coaly      adj  

bituminous coal  
      n   a soft black coal, rich in volatile hydrocarbons, that burns with a smoky yellow flame. Fixed carbon content: 46--86 per cent; calorific value: 1.93x1073.63x107 J/kg,   (Also called)    soft coal  
brown coal  
      n      another name for       lignite  
cannel coal   , cannel  
      n   a dull coal having a high volatile content and burning with a smoky luminous flame  
     (C16: from northern English dialect cannel candle: so called from its bright flame)  
coal gas  
      n   a mixture of gases produced by the distillation of bituminous coal and used for heating and lighting: consists mainly of hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide  
coal heaver  
      n   a workman who moves coal  
coal hole  
      n     (Brit)  
informal   a small coal cellar  
Coal Measures  
      pl n  
the   a series of coal-bearing rocks formed in the upper Carboniferous period; the uppermost series of the Carboniferous system  
coal miner's lung  
      n      an informal name for       anthracosis  
coal oil  
1      (U.S. and Canadian)   petroleum or a refined product from petroleum, esp. kerosene  
2    a crude oil produced, together with coal gas, during the distillation of bituminous coal  
coal pot  
      n   a cooking device using charcoal, consisting of a raised iron bowl and a central grid  
Coal Sack  
      n   a dark nebula in the Milky Way close to the Southern Cross  
coal scuttle  
      n   a domestic metal container for coal  
coal tar  
      n   a black tar, produced by the distillation of bituminous coal, that can be further distilled to yield benzene, toluene, xylene, anthracene, phenol, etc.  
coal-tar pitch  
      n   a residue left by the distillation of coal tar: a mixture of hydrocarbons and finely divided carbon used as a binder for fuel briquettes, road surfaces, and carbon electrodes  
coal tit  
      n   a small European songbird, Parus ater, having a black head with a white patch on the nape: family Paridae (tits)  
gas coal  
      n   coal that is rich in volatile hydrocarbons, making it a suitable source of domestic gas  
hard coal  
      n      another name for       anthracite  
    soft coal  
soft coal  
      n      another name for       bituminous coal  
steam coal  
      n   coal suitable for use in producing steam, as in a steam-boiler  
white coal  
      n   water, esp. when flowing and providing a potential source of usable power  
wood coal  
      n      another name for       lignite       charcoal  
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coal heaver, coal hole, coal pot, Coal Sack

carry coal to Newcastle exp.
spend time and energy doing something that is pointless
expression arisen in the 15th century when Newcastle (England) was a major exporter of coal

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poisonous gas that pollutes the air in coal mines
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