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coil spring


      n   a helical spring formed from wire  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  
coil          [1]  
1    to wind or gather (ropes, hair, etc.) into loops or (of rope, hair, etc.) to be formed in such loops  
2    intr   to move in a winding course  
3    something wound in a connected series of loops  
4    a single loop of such a series  
5    an arrangement of pipes in a spiral or loop, as in a condenser  
6    an electrical conductor wound into the form of a spiral, sometimes with a soft iron core, to provide inductance or a magnetic field  
   See also       induction coil  
7    an intrauterine contraceptive device in the shape of a coil  
8    the transformer in a petrol engine that supplies the high voltage to the sparking plugs  
     (C16: from Old French coillir to collect together; see cull)  
  coiler      n  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  



convolute, curl, entwine, loop, snake, spiral, twine, twist, wind, wreathe, writhe  

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coil, coil, ignition coil, induction coil

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light snowfall during spring
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