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1    a metal disc or piece used as money  
2    metal currency, as opposed to securities, paper currency, etc.  
   Related adj       nummary  
3      (Architect)      a variant spelling of       quoin  
4    pay (a person) back in (his) own coin   to treat (a person) in the way that he has treated others  
5    tr   to make or stamp (coins)  
6    tr   to make into a coin  
7    tr   to fabricate or invent (words, etc.)  
8    tr  
Informal   to make (money) rapidly (esp. in the phrase coin it in)  
9    to coin a phrase   said ironically after one uses a clich‚  
10    the other side of the coin   the opposite view of a matter  
     (C14: from Old French: stamping die, from Latin cuneus wedge)  
  coinable      adj  
  coiner      n  

Britannia coin  
      n   any of four British gold coins introduced in 1987 for investment purposes; their denominations are £100, £50, £25, and £10  
coin box  
      n   the part of a coin-operated machine into which coins are placed  
      n   a launderette or other service installation in which the machines are operated by the insertion of coins  
subsidiary coin  
      n   a coin of denomination smaller than that of the standard monetary unit  
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      vb   conceive, create, fabricate, forge, formulate, frame, invent, make up, mint, mould, originate, think up  
      n   cash, change, copper, dosh     (Brit. & Austral. slang)   money, silver, specie  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English synonyme-Thesaurus  

Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Définition
A currency coin worth $1.00 in Canada. Bigger than a quarter but smaller than a tooney.
looney also can mean strange or weird. ex.He had always been a little bit looney.
testicles ; genitalia ; gonads ; nuts ; privates ; pudenda ; stones ; testes ; private parts ; family jewels ; bollocks ; balls ; cullions ; rocks ; boys ; cherries ; coin purse ; cojones ; deez ; gear ; giggleberries ; grapes ; knackers ; nuggets ; plums ; sack
[Slang];[UK] Ex.: Get the fuck out of here before I rip your goolies off, you bastard!
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