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1      (Also)    collegial   of or relating to a college or college students  
2    (of a university) composed of various colleges of equal standing  
3      (Canadian)      short for       collegiate institute  

collegiate church  
1      (R.C. Church, Church of England)   a church that has an endowed chapter of canons and prebendaries attached to it but that is not a cathedral  
2      (U.S. Protestantism)   one of a group of churches presided over by a body of pastors  
3      (Scot. Protestantism)   a church served by two or more ministers  
4    a large church endowed in the Middle Ages to become a school  
5    a chapel either endowed by or connected with a college  
collegiate institute  
      n     (Canadian)   (in certain provinces) a large secondary school meeting set requirements in terms of courses, facilities, and specialist staff  
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