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      n   pl   , -nies  
1    a body of people who settle in a country distant from their homeland but maintain ties with it  
2    the community formed by such settlers  
3    a subject territory occupied by a settlement from the ruling state  
a    a community of people who form a national, racial, or cultural minority  
an artists' colony, the American colony in London     
b    the area itself  
5      (Zoology)  
a    a group of the same type of animal or plant living or growing together  
b    an interconnected group of polyps of a colonial organism  
6      (Bacteriol)   a group of bacteria, fungi, etc., derived from one or a few spores, esp. when grown on a culture medium  
     (C16: from Latin colonia, from colere to cultivate, inhabit)  

Cape Colony  
      n   the name from 1652 until 1910 of the former Cape Province of South Africa  
charter colony  
      n     (U.S. history)   a colony, such as Virginia or Massachusetts, created by royal charter under the control of an individual, trading company, etc., and exempt from interference by the Crown  
colony-stimulating factor  
      n     (Immunol)   any of a number of substances, secreted by the bone marrow, that cause stem cells to proliferate and differentiate, forming colonies of specific blood cells. Synthetic forms are being tested for their ability to reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy,   (Abbrev.)    CSF  
crown colony  
      n   a British colony whose administration and legislature is controlled by the Crown  
Plymouth Colony  
      n   the Puritan colony founded by the Pilgrim Fathers in SE Massachusetts (1620)  
   See also       Mayflower  
proprietary colony  
      n     (U.S. history)   any of various colonies, granted by the Crown in the 17th century to a person or group of people with full governing rights  
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community, dependency, dominion, outpost, possession, province, satellite state, settlement, territory  

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