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1    a decline in position, status, or prosperity  
2    Informal   a disappointment  
3    Slang   a depressed or unexcited state  
  come down   intr, adv  
4    to come to a place regarded as lower  
5    to lose status, wealth, etc. (esp. in the phrase to come down in the world)  
6    to reach a decision  
the report came down in favour of a pay increase     
7    often foll by: to   to be handed down or acquired by tradition or inheritance  
8      (Brit)   to leave college or university  
9    foll by: with   to succumb (to illness or disease)  
10    foll by: on   to rebuke or criticize harshly  
11    foll by: to   to amount in essence (to)  
it comes down to two choices     
12    Slang   to lose the effects of a drug and return to a normal or more normal state  
13      (Austral)  
informal   (of a river) to flow in flood  
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anticlimax, blow, decline, deflation, demotion, disappointment, humiliation, letdown, reverse, whammy     (informal, chiefly U.S.)  

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