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1    the manner in which a person behaves; behaviour  
2    the way of managing a business, affair, etc.; handling  
3    Rare   the act of guiding or leading  
4    Rare   a guide or leader  
5    tr   to accompany and guide (people, a party, etc.) (esp. in the phrase conducted tour)  
6    tr   to lead or direct (affairs, business, etc.); control  
7    tr   to do or carry out  
conduct a survey     
8    tr   to behave or manage (oneself)  
the child conducted himself well     
9      (Also (esp. U.S.))    direct   to control or guide (an orchestra, choir, etc.) by the movements of the hands or a baton  
10    to transmit (heat, electricity, etc.)  
metals conduct heat     
     (C15: from Medieval Latin conductus escorted, from Latin: drawn together, from conducere to conduce)  
  conductible      adj  
   conductibility             n  

disorderly conduct  
      n     (Law)   any of various minor offences tending to cause a disturbance of the peace  
1    a document giving official permission to travel through a region, esp. in time of war  
2    the protection afforded by such a document  
      vb   tr  
3    to conduct (a person) in safety  
4    to give a safe-conduct to  
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