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1    tr     (Grammar)   to inflect (a verb) systematically; state or set out the conjugation of (a verb)  
2    intr   (of a verb) to undergo inflection according to a specific set of rules  
3    tr   to join (two or more substances) together, esp. in such a way that the resulting substance may easily be turned back into its original components  
4    intr     (Biology)   to undergo conjugation  
5    tr  
Obsolete   to join together, esp. in marriage  
6    joined together in pairs; coupled  
7    Maths  
a    (of two angles) having a sum of 360°  
b    (of two complex numbers) differing only in the sign of the imaginary part as 4 + 3i and 4 -- 3i  
c    (of two algebraic numbers) being roots of the same irreducible algebraic equation with rational coefficients  
3 ± 2 square root 2 are conjugate algebraic numbers, being roots of x2 -- 6x + 1     
d    (of two elements of a determinant) interchanged when the rows and columns are interchanged  
e    (of two arcs) forming a complete circle or other closed curved figure  
8      (Chem)   of, denoting, or concerning the state of equilibrium in which two liquids can exist as two separate phases that are both solutions. The liquid that is the solute in one phase is the solvent in the other  
9       another word for       conjugated  
10      (Chem)   (of acids and bases) related by loss or gain of a proton  
Cl-- is the conjugate base of HCl, HCl is the conjugate acid of Cl--     
11      (Physics)   (of points connected with a lens) having the property that an object placed at one point will produce an image at the other point  
12    (of a compound leaf) having one pair of leaflets  
13    (of words) cognate; related in origin  
14    one of a pair or set of conjugate substances, values, quantities, words, etc.  
     (C15: from Latin conjugare to join together, from com- together + jugare to marry, connect, from jugum a yoke)  
   conjugable             adj  
  conjugately      adv  
  conjugateness      n  
  conjugative      adj  
  conjugator      n  
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