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1    the act of joining together; combination; union  
2    simultaneous occurrence of events; coincidence  
3    any word or group of words, other than a relative pronoun, that connects words, phrases, or clauses; for example and and while,   (Abbrev.)    conj      See also       coordinating conjunction       subordinating conjunction  
4      (Astronomy)  
a    the position of a planet or the moon when it is in line with the sun as seen from the earth. The inner planets are in inferior conjunction when the planet is between the earth and the sun and in superior conjunction when the sun lies between the earth and the planet.  
   Compare       opposition       8a  
b    the apparent proximity or coincidence of two celestial bodies on the celestial sphere  
5      (Astrology)   an exact aspect of 0° between two planets, etc., an orb of 8° being allowed  
   Compare       opposition       9       square       10  
6      (Logic)  
a    the operator that forms a compound sentence from two given sentences, and corresponds to the English and  
b    a sentence so formed. Usually written p&q, p<conj>q, or p.q., where p,q are the component sentences, it is true only when both these are true  
c    the relation between such sentences  
  conjunctional      adj  
  conjunctionally      adv  

      n     (Transformational grammar)   a rule that reduces coordinate sentences, applied, for example, to convert John lives in Ireland and Brian lives in Ireland into John and Brian live in Ireland  
coordinating conjunction  
      n   a conjunction that introduces coordinate clauses, such as and, but, and or  
   Compare       subordinating conjunction  
subordinating conjunction  
      n   a conjunction that introduces subordinate clauses, such as if, because, although, and until  
   Compare       coordinating conjunction  
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association, coincidence, combination, concurrence, juxtaposition, union  

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