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1    serving to connect or capable of connecting  
2    a thing that connects  
3      (Grammar, logic)  
a       a less common word for       conjunction       3  
b    any word that connects phrases, clauses, or individual words  
c    a symbol used in a formal language in the construction of compound sentences from simpler sentences, corresponding to terms such as or, and, not, etc., in ordinary speech  
4      (Botany)   the tissue of a stamen that connects the two lobes of the anther  
5      (Anatomy)   a nerve-fibre bundle connecting two nerve centres  
  connectively      adv  
  connectivity      n  

connective tissue  
      n   an animal tissue developed from the embryonic mesoderm that consists of collagen or elastic fibres, fibroblasts, fatty cells, etc., within a jelly-like matrix. It supports organs, fills the spaces between them, and forms tendons and ligaments  
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