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1    intr; usually foll by: with   to keep company (with undesirable people); associate  
2    intr   to agree or harmonize  
3    tr  
Rare   to combine or unite  
4      (esp. formerly)  
a    a small group of instruments, either of the same type, such as viols, (a whole consort) or of different types (a broken consort)  
b    (as modifier)  
consort music     
5    the husband or wife of a reigning monarch  
6    a partner or companion, esp. a husband or wife  
7    a ship that escorts another  
8    Obsolete  
a    companionship or association  
b    agreement or accord  
     (C15: from Old French, from Latin consors sharer, partner, from sors lot, fate, portion)  
  consortable      adj  
  consorter      n  

broken consort  
      n      See       consort       4  
prince consort  
      n   the husband of a female sovereign, who is himself a prince  
queen consort  
      n   the wife of a reigning king  
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1    associate, companion, fellow, husband, partner, significant other     (U.S. informal)   spouse, wife  
2    associate, fraternize, go around with, hang about, around or out with, hang with     (informal, chiefly U.S.)   keep company, mingle, mix  
3    accord, agree, correspond, harmonize, square, tally  

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