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      vb   when intr, sometimes foll by: against  
1    to plan or agree on (a crime or harmful act) together in secret  
2    intr   to act together towards some end as if by design  
the elements conspired to spoil our picnic     
     (C14: from Old French conspirer, from Latin conspirare to plot together, literally: to breathe together, from spirare to breathe)  
  conspirer      n  
  conspiringly      adv  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  


1    cabal, confederate, contrive, devise, hatch treason, intrigue, machinate, manoeuvre, plot, scheme  
2    combine, concur, conduce, contribute, cooperate, tend, work together  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English synonyme-Thesaurus  

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