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1    denoting, characteristic of, or relating to a constitution  
2    authorized by or subject to a constitution  
3    of or inherent in the physical make-up or basic nature of a person or thing  
a constitutional weakness     
4    beneficial to one's general physical wellbeing  
5    a regular walk taken for the benefit of one's health  
  constitutionally      adv  

constitutional monarchy  
      n   a monarchy governed according to a constitution that limits and defines the powers of the sovereign,   (Also called)    limited monarchy  
constitutional psychology  
      n   a school of thought postulating that the personality of an individual is dependent on the type of his physique (somatotype)  
constitutional strike  
      n   a stoppage of work by the workforce of an organization, with the approval of the trade union concerned, in accordance with the dispute procedure laid down in a collective agreement between the parties  
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1    congenital, immanent, inborn, inherent, intrinsic, organic  
2    chartered, statutory, vested  
3    airing, stroll, turn, walk  

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! constitutional adj.

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