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1      (Also called)    convergency   the act, degree, or a point of converging  
2    concurrence of opinions, results, etc.  
3      (Maths)   the property or manner of approaching a finite limit, esp. of an infinite series  
conditional convergence     
4    the combining of different forms of electronic technology, such as data processing and word processing converging into information processing  
5      (Also called)    convergent evolution   the evolutionary development of a superficial resemblance between unrelated animals that occupy a similar environment, as in the evolution of wings in birds and bats  
6      (Meteorol)   an accumulation of air in a region that has a greater inflow than outflow of air, often giving rise to vertical air currents  
   See also       Intertropical Convergence Zone  
7    the turning of the eyes inwards in order to fixate an object nearer than that previously being fixated  
   Compare       divergence       6  

convergence zone  
      n     (Geology)   a zone where tectonic plates collide, typified by earthquakes, mountain formation, and volcanic activity  
Intertropical Convergence Zone  
      n     (Meteorol)   the zone of converging trade winds along the equator causing rising air currents and low atmospheric pressure,   (Abbrev.)    ITCZ  
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approach, blending, coincidence, concentration, concurrence, confluence, conflux, conjunction, junction, meeting, merging, mingling  

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