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1    of or relating to the whole universe  
cosmic laws     
2    occurring or originating in outer space, esp. as opposed to the vicinity of the earth, the solar system, or the local galaxy  
cosmic rays     
3    immeasurably extended in space or time; vast  
4    Rare   harmonious  
  cosmically      adv  

cosmic dust  
      n   fine particles of solid matter occurring throughout interstellar space and often collecting into clouds of extremely low density  
   See also       nebula       1  
cosmic rays  
      pl n   radiation consisting of atomic nuclei, esp. protons, of very high energy that reach the earth from outer space,   (Also called)    cosmic radiation  
cosmic string  
      n   any of a number of linear defects in space--time postulated in certain theories of cosmology to exist in the universe as a consequence of the big bang  
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grandiose, huge, immense, infinite, limitless, measureless, stellar     (informal)   universal, vast  

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