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grow a pair exp.
be a man

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jean shorts, a pair of shorts made from denim fabric
[US];[Informal] Blend of "jeans" and "shorts".
a pair of straps used by men for holding up trousers or pants
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      vb   , grows, growing, grew   , grown  
1    (of an organism or part of an organism) to increase in size or develop (hair, leaves, or other structures)  
2    intr; usually foll by: out of or from   to originate, as from an initial cause or source  
the federation grew out of the Empire     
3    intr   to increase in size, number, degree, etc.  
the population is growing rapidly     
4    intr   to change in length or amount in a specified direction  
some plants grow downwards, profits over the years grew downwards     
5    copula; may take an infinitive   (esp. of emotions, physical states, etc.) to develop or come into existence or being gradually  
to grow cold, to grow morose, he grew to like her     
6    intr; usually foll by: up   to come into existence  
a close friendship grew up between them     
7    intr; foll by: together   to be joined gradually by or as by growth  
the branches on the tree grew together     
8    intr; foll by: away, together, etc.   to develop a specified state of friendship  
the lovers grew together gradually, many friends grow apart over the years     
9    when intr, foll by: with   to become covered with a growth  
the path grew with weeds     
10    to produce (plants) by controlling or encouraging their growth, esp. for home consumption or on a commercial basis,   (See also)        grow into       grow on       grow out of       grow up  
     (Old English growan; related to Old Norse groa, Old Frisian groia, Old High German gruoen; see green, grass)  

grow bag  
      n   a plastic bag containing a sufficient amount of a sterile growing medium and nutrients to enable a plant, such as a tomato or pepper, to be grown to full size in it, usually for one season only  
     (C20: from Gro-bag, trademark for the first ones marketed)  
grow into  
      vb   intr, prep   to become big or mature enough for  
his clothes were always big enough for him to grow into     
grow on  
      vb   intr, prep   to become progressively more acceptable or pleasant to  
I don't think much of your new record, but I suppose it will grow on me     
grow out of  
      vb   intr, adv + prep   to become too big or mature for  
she soon grew out of her girlish ways     
grow up  
      vb   intr, adv  
1    to reach maturity; become adult  
2    to come into existence; develop  
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