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      n   a borough of NW Greater London; site of an English boys' public school founded in 1571 at Harrow-on-the-Hill, a part of this borough. Pop.: 210300 (1994 est.). Area: 51 sq. km (20 sq. miles)  

disc harrow  
      n   a harrow with sharp-edged slightly concave discs mounted on horizontal shafts and used to cut clods or debris on the surface of the soil or to cover seed after planting  
harrow   [1]  
1    any of various implements used to level the ground, stir the soil, break up clods, destroy weeds, etc., in soil  
2    tr   to draw a harrow over (land)  
3    intr   (of soil) to become broken up through harrowing  
4    tr   to distress; vex  
     (C13: of Scandinavian origin; compare Danish harv, Swedish harf; related to Middle Dutch harke rake)  
  harrower      n  
   harrowing             adj, n  
harrow   [2]  
      vb   tr  
1    to plunder or ravish  
2    (of Christ) to descend into (hell) to rescue righteous souls  
     (C13: variant of Old English hergian to harry)  
  harrowment      n  
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agonizing, alarming, chilling, distressing, disturbing, excruciating, frightening, heartbreaking, heart-rending, nerve-racking, painful, racking, scaring, terrifying, tormenting, traumatic  

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