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      n   Edward. 1882--1967, U.S. painter, noted for his realistic depiction of everyday scenes  

1    a person or thing that hops  
2    a funnel-shaped chamber or reservoir from which solid materials can be discharged under gravity into a receptacle below, esp. for feeding fuel to a furnace, loading a railway truck with grain, etc.  
3    a machine used for picking hops  
4    any of various long-legged hopping insects, esp. the grasshopper, leaf hopper, and immature locust  
5      (Also called)    hoppercar   an open-topped railway truck for bulk transport of loose minerals, etc., unloaded through doors on the underside  
6      (Computing)   a device for holding punched cards and feeding them to a card punch or card reader  
      n   any homopterous insect of the family Cicadellidae, including various pests of crops  
sand hopper  
      n   any of various small hopping amphipod crustaceans of the genus Orchestia and related genera, common in intertidal regions of seashores,   (Also called)    beach flea, sand flea  
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hopple, hope, hooped, hoppler

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