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1    an irritation or tickling sensation of the skin causing a desire to scratch  
2    a restless desire  
3    any skin disorder, such as scabies, characterized by intense itching  
4    intr   to feel or produce an irritating or tickling sensation  
5    intr   to have a restless desire (to do something)  
6    Not standard   to scratch (the skin)  
7    itching palm   a grasping nature; avarice  
8    have itchy feet   to be restless; have a desire to travel  
     (Old English giccean to itch, of Germanic origin)  
  itchy      adj  
  itchiness      n  

barber's itch   , rash  
      n   any of various fungal infections of the bearded portion of the neck and face,   (Technical name)    tinea barbae  
dhobi itch  
      n   a fungal disease of the skin: a type of ringworm chiefly affecting the groin,   (Also called)    tinea cruris  
itch mite  
      n   any mite of the family Sarcoptidae, all of which are skin parasites, esp. Sarcoptes scabei, which causes scabies  
seven-year itch  
1      (Pathol)      an informal name for       scabies  
2    Informal   a tendency towards infidelity, traditionally said to begin after about seven years of marriage  
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1    crawl, irritate, prickle, tickle, tingle  
2    ache, burn, crave, hanker, hunger, long, lust, pant, pine, yearn  
3    irritation, itchiness, prickling, tingling  
4    craving, desire, hankering, hunger, longing, lust, passion, restlessness, yearning, yen     (informal)  

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