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man about town


      n   a fashionable sophisticate, esp. one in a big city  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  
1    relating to; concerning; on the subject of  
2    near or close to (in space or time)  
3    carried on  
I haven't any money about me     
4    on every side of; all the way around  
5    active in or engaged in  
she is about her business     
6    about to  
a    on the point of; intending to  
she was about to jump     
b    with a negative   determined not to  
nobody is about to miss it     
7    approximately; near in number, time, degree, etc.  
about 50 years old     
8    nearby  
9    here and there; from place to place; in no particular direction  
walk about to keep warm     
10    all around; on every side  
11    in or to the opposite direction  
he turned about and came back     
12    in rotation or revolution  
turn and turn about     
13    used in informal phrases to indicate understatement  
I've had just about enough of your insults, it's about time you stopped     
14    Archaic   in circumference; around  
15    predicative   active; astir after sleep  
up and about     
16    predicative   in existence, current, or in circulation  
there aren't many about nowadays     
     (Old English abutan, onbutan on the outside of, around, from on + butan outside)  

      vb   , -ships, -shipping, -shipped   intr     (Nautical)   to manoeuvre a vessel onto a new tack  
about turn   ,   (U.S.)   about face  
1    a military command to a formation of men to reverse the direction in which they are facing  
  about-turn     (U.S.)  
2    a complete change or reversal, as of opinion, attitude, direction, etc.  
  about-turn     (U.S.)  
3    intr   to perform an about-turn  
bring about  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to cause to happen  
to bring about a change in the law     
2    to turn (a ship) around  
bucket about  
      vb   intr     (Brit)   (esp. of a boat in a storm) to toss or shake violently  
bugger about   , around  
      vb   adv     (Brit)  
1    intr   to fool about and waste time  
2    tr   to create difficulties or complications for (a person)  
cast about   , around  
      vb   intr, adv   to make a mental or visual search  
to cast about for an idea for a book     
come about  
      vb   intr, adv  
1    to take place; happen  
2      (Nautical)   to change tacks  
fall about  
      vb   intr, adv   to laugh in an uncontrolled manner  
we fell about when we saw him     
fuck about   , around  
      vb   adv  
Offensive taboo slang  
1    intr   to act in a stupid or aimless manner  
2    tr   to treat (someone) in an inconsiderate or selfish way  
get about   , around  
      vb   intr, adv  
1    to move around, as when recovering from an illness  
2    to be socially active  
3    (of news, rumour, etc.) to become known; spread  
go about  
      vb   intr  
1    adv   to move from place to place  
2    prep   to busy oneself with  
to go about one's duties     
3    prep   to tackle (a problem or task)  
4    prep   to be actively and constantly engaged in (doing something)  
he went about doing good     
5    to circulate (in)  
there's a lot of flu going about     
6    adv   (of a sailing ship) to change from one tack to another  
hang about   , around  
      vb   intr  
1    to waste time; loiter  
2    adv; foll by: with   to frequent the company (of someone)  
3    wait a moment! stop!  
kick about   , around  
      vb   mainly adv  
1    tr   to treat harshly  
2    tr   to discuss (ideas, etc.) informally  
3    intr   to wander aimlessly  
4    intr   to lie neglected or forgotten  
5    intr; also prep   to be present in (some place)  
knock about   , around  
1    intr, adv   to wander about aimlessly  
2    intr, prep   to travel about, esp. as resulting in varied or exotic experience  
he's knocked about the world a bit     
3    intr, adv; foll by: with   to associate  
to knock about with a gang     
4    tr, adv   to treat brutally  
he knocks his wife about     
5    tr, adv   to consider or discuss informally  
to knock an idea about     
6    a sailing vessel, usually sloop-rigged, without a bowsprit and with a single jib  
7    rough; boisterous  
knockabout farce     
man about town  
      n   a fashionable sophisticate, esp. one in a big city  
mess about   , around  
      vb   adv  
1    intr   to occupy oneself trivially; potter  
2    when intr, often foll by: with   to interfere or meddle (with)  
3    intr; sometimes foll by: with     (Chiefly U.S.)   to engage in adultery  
muck about  
      vb     (Brit)  
1    intr   to waste time; misbehave  
2    when intr, foll by: with   to interfere with, annoy, or waste the time of  
order about   , around  
      vb   tr   to bully or domineer  
out and about  
      adj   regularly going out of the house to work, take part in social activity, etc., esp. after an illness  
piss about   , around  
      vb   adv  
Taboo slang  
1    intr   to behave in a casual or silly way  
2    tr   to waste the time of  
pull about  
      vb   tr, adv   to handle roughly  
the thugs pulled the old lady about     
push about   , around  
      vb   tr, adv  
Slang   to bully; keep telling (a person) what to do in a bossy manner  
put about  
      vb   adv  
1      (Nautical)   to change course or cause to change course  
we put about and headed for home     
2    tr   to make widely known  
he put about the news of the air disaster     
3    tr; usually passive   to disconcert or disturb  
she was quite put about by his appearance     
right about  
1    a turn executed through 180°  
2    in the opposite direction  
see about  
      vb   intr, prep  
1    to take care of; look after  
he couldn't see about the matter because he was ill     
2    to investigate; enquire into  
to see about a new car     
set about  
      vb   intr, prep  
1    to start or begin  
2    to attack physically or verbally  
talk about  
      vb   intr, prep  
1    to discuss  
2    used informally and often ironically to add emphasis to a statement  
all his plays have such ridiculous plots — talk about good drama!     
3    know what one is talking about   to have thorough or specialized knowledge  
throw about  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to spend (one's money) in a reckless and flaunting manner  
2    throw one's weight about  
Informal   to act in an authoritarian or aggressive manner  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  




1    anent     (Scot.)   as regards, concerned with, concerning, connected with, dealing with, on, re, referring to, regarding, relating to, relative to, respecting, touching, with respect to  
2    adjacent, beside, circa     (used with dates)   close to, near, nearby  
3    around, encircling, on all sides, round, surrounding  
4    all over, over, through, throughout  
5    almost, approaching, approximately, around, close to, more or less, nearing, nearly, roughly  
6    from place to place, here and there, hither and thither, to and fro  
7    active, around, astir, in motion, present, stirring  

about to     
intending to, on the point of, on the verge or brink of, ready to  
about-turn   , about-face     (U.S.)  
      n   change of direction, reversal, reverse, right about (turn), turnabout, turnaround, U-turn, volte-face  
      vb   change direction, do or perform a U-turn or volte-face, face the opposite direction, reverse, turn about or around, turn through 180 degrees, volte-face  
bring about     
accomplish, achieve, bring to pass, cause, compass, create, effect, effectuate, generate, give rise to, make happen, manage, occasion, produce, realize  
come about     
arise, befall, come to pass, happen, occur, result, take place, transpire     (informal)  
gad (about or around)     
gallivant, ramble, range, roam, rove, run around, stravaig     (Scot. & Northern English dialect)   stray, traipse     (informal)   wander  
go about  
1    circulate, move around, pass around, wander  
2    approach, begin, get the show on the road, set about, tackle, take the bit between one's teeth, undertake  
3    busy or occupy oneself with, devote oneself to  
hang about   , around  
1    dally, linger, loiter, roam, tarry, waste time  
2    associate with, frequent, hang out     (informal)   hang with     (informal, chiefly U.S.)   haunt, resort  
just about     
all but, almost, around, close to, nearly, not quite, practically, well-nigh  
knock about   , around  
1    ramble, range, roam, rove, traipse, travel, wander  
2    abuse, batter, beat up     (informal)   bruise, buffet, clobber     (slang)   damage, hit, hurt, lambast(e), maltreat, manhandle, maul, mistreat, strike, work over     (slang)   wound  
mess about   , around  
1    amuse oneself, dabble, fool (about or around), footle     (informal)   muck about     (informal)   piss about or around     (taboo slang)   play about or around, potter, trifle  
2    fiddle     (informal)   fool (about or around), interfere, meddle, piss about or around     (taboo slang)   play, tamper, tinker, toy  
see about  
1    attend to, consider, deal with, give some thought to, look after, see to, take care of  
2    investigate, look into, make enquiries, research  
set about  
1    address oneself to, attack, begin, get cracking     (informal)   get down to, get to work, get weaving     (informal)   make a start on, put one's shoulder to the wheel     (informal)   roll up one's sleeves, sail into     (informal)   set to, start, tackle, take the first step, wade into  
2    assail, assault, attack, belabour, lambast(e), mug     (informal)   sail into     (informal)  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English synonyme-Thesaurus  

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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Définition
someone who is providing advice and support for his mate when it comes to potential relationships/partners
to face a situation courageously
be a man
a popular person in a community
celebrate smth. with excitement; party wildly; party all night long
what about you
Slang; written abbreviation
about the human society
[Hum.];[US] human society
a person passionate about astronomy
phrase meant to emphasize the speaker's self-assurance
syn.: you can bet on it; trust me; you can count on it; I'm telling you...
go crazy about something, get enthusiastic
older woman having a relation with a younger man
1. in a remote area, an area in the countryside that is far from a town or city 2. in a town or city regarded as dull or unsophisticated
[Fig.];[Informal];[Disapproving] Syn.: In the backwoods, in the middle of nowhere.
consider something seriously and start taking actions about it
a younger man involved in a relationship with an older woman
= the target of a "cougar"
handsome young man kept by a much older woman for the purpose of sexual favors and/or as a companion.
British slang
not to be able to act like a man, be a pussy
Someone (usually a young man) who tries unsuccessfully to be funny by making lame jokes and doing stupid things
US English, colloquial
attitude or practise whereby a man, either sitting at the table, on a sofa or in public transportation, adopts a spread position notably splaying his legs wide apart in such a way as to encroach on an adjacent seat and deny space to the person sitting or wanting to sit next to him
Ex: I become upset and irritated seeing all that manspreading in the subway and buses during rush hours and more generally by that growing lack of civil vertue everywhere.
a man of good breeding, well-behaved, courteous, polite who behaves like a gentleman
a person, generally a man, dedicated to improving his skills in attracting and seducing the other sex
Other spelling : Pickup artist The use of "pick up" in this context comes from American slang and means becoming acquainted with, esp. with a view to having sexual relations
Marriage between a man of royal or noble birth and a woman of lesser status, with the stipulation that wife and children have no claims to his titles or possessions or dignity. Still common at the beginning of the 20th C., the practice is now rare. Syn. Morganatic marriage, marriage of the left hand
[Hist.] So-called, because at the nuptial ceremony the husband gives his left hand to the bride, rather than his right, when saying, “I take thee for my wedded wife.”
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