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1    a person who directs or manages an organization, industry, shop, etc.  
2    a person who controls the business affairs of an actor, entertainer, etc.  
3    a person who controls the training of a sportsman or team  
4    a person who has a talent for managing efficiently  
5      (Law)   a person appointed by a court to carry on a business during receivership  
6    (in Britain) a member of either House of Parliament appointed to arrange a matter in which both Houses are concerned  
7    a computer program that organizes a resource, such as a set of files or a database  
  managership      n  

bank manager  
      n   a person who directs the business of a local branch of a bank  
city manager  
      n   (in the U.S.) an administrator hired by a municipal council to manage its affairs  
   See also       council-manager plan  
council-manager plan  
      n   (in the U.S.) a system of local government with an elected legislative council and an appointed administrative manager  
   See also       city manager  
floor manager  
1    the stage manager employed in the production of a television programme  
2    a person in overall charge of one floor of a large shop or department store  
fund manager  
      n   an employee of an insurance company, pension fund, investment trust, etc., who manages its fund of investments  
stage manager  
      n   a person who supervises the stage arrangements of a theatrical production  
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administrator, boss     (informal)   comptroller, conductor, controller, director, executive, gaffer     (informal, chiefly Brit.)   governor, head, organizer, overseer, proprietor, superintendent, supervisor  

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