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,   (U.S.)   maneuver  
1    a contrived, complicated, and possibly deceptive plan or action  
political manoeuvres     
2    a movement or action requiring dexterity and skill  
a    a tactic or movement of one or a number of military or naval units  
b    pl   tactical exercises, usually on a large scale  
4    a planned movement of an aircraft in flight  
5    any change from the straight steady course of a ship  
6    tr   to contrive or accomplish with skill or cunning  
7    intr   to manipulate situations, etc., in order to gain some end  
to manoeuvre for the leadership     
8    intr   to perform a manoeuvre or manoeuvres  
9    to move or deploy or be moved or deployed, as military units, etc.  
     (C15: from French, from Medieval Latin manuopera manual work, from Latin manu operare to work with the hand)  
  manoeuvrable     (U.S.)  
  maneuverable      adj  
  manoeuvrability     (U.S.)  
  maneuverability      n  
  manoeuvrer     (U.S.)  
  maneuverer      n  
  manoeuvring     (U.S.)  
  maneuvering      n  

Heimlich manoeuvre  
      n   a technique in first aid to dislodge a foreign body in a person's windpipe by applying sudden upward pressure on the upper abdomen,   (Also called)    abdominal thrust  
     (C20: named after Henry J. Heimlich (born 1920), American surgeon)  
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1    action, artifice, dodge, intrigue, machination, move, movement, plan, plot, ploy, ruse, scheme, stratagem, subterfuge, tactic, trick  
2    deployment, evolution, exercise, movement, operation  
3    contrive, devise, engineer, intrigue, machinate, manage, manipulate, plan, plot, pull strings, scheme, wangle     (informal)  
4    deploy, exercise, move  
5    direct, drive, guide, handle, navigate, negotiate, pilot, steer  

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