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1    any of various tropical American plants of the genus Tagetes, esp. T. erecta (African marigold) and T. patula (French marigold), cultivated for their yellow or orange flower heads and strongly scented foliage: family Compositae (composites)  
2    any of various similar or related plants, such as the marsh marigold, pot marigold, bur marigold, and fig marigold  
     (C14: from Mary (the Virgin) + gold)  

bur marigold  
      n   any plant of the genus Bidens that has yellow flowers and pointed fruits that cling to fur and clothing: family Compositae (composites),   (Also called)    beggar-ticks, sticktight  
corn marigold  
      n   an annual plant, Chrysanthemum segetum, with yellow daisy-like flower heads: a common weed of cultivated land: family Compositae (composites)  
fig marigold  
      n   an erect species of mesembryanthemum, M. tricolor, grown as a garden annual for its red-orange flowers with yellow centres  
marsh marigold  
      n   a yellow-flowered ranunculaceous plant, Caltha palustris, that grows in swampy places. Also called: kingcup, May blobs, and (U.S.) cowslip  
pot marigold  
      n   a Central European and Mediterranean plant, Calendula officinalis, grown for its rayed orange-and-yellow showy flowers, the petals of which were formerly used to colour food: family Compositae (composites)  
   See also       calendula  
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