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      n   pl   , -tens, -ten  
1    any of several agile arboreal musteline mammals of the genus Martes, of Europe, Asia, and North America, having bushy tails and golden brown to blackish fur  
   See also       pine marten  
2    the highly valued fur of these animals, esp. that of M. americana,   (See also)        sable       1  
     (C15: from Middle Dutch martren, from Old French (peau) martrine skin of a marten, from martre, probably of Germanic origin)  

beech marten  
      n      another name for       stone marten  
foul marten  
      n      another name for the       polecat       1  
See also  
    sweet marten  
pine marten  
      n   a marten, Martes martes, of N European and Asian coniferous woods, having dark brown fur with a creamy-yellow patch on the throat  
   See also       sweet marten  
stone marten  
1    a marten, Martes foina, of Eurasian woods and forests, having a brown coat with a pale underfur  
2    the highly valued fur of this animal  
sweet marten  
      n   a name for the pine marten, referring to the fact that its scent glands produce a less offensive scent marker than that of the polecat (the foul marten or foumart)  
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