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1    a thick flat piece of fabric used as a floor covering, a place to wipe one's shoes, etc.  
2    a smaller pad of material used to protect a surface from the heat, scratches, etc., of an object placed upon it  
3    a large piece of thick padded material put on the floor as a surface for wrestling, judo, or gymnastic sports  
4      (N.Z.)   a Maori cloak  
5    go back to the mat     (N.Z.)   to abandon urban civilization  
6    any surface or mass that is densely interwoven or tangled  
a mat of grass and weeds     
7    the solid part of a lace design  
8    a heavy net of cable or rope laid over a blasting site to prevent the scatter of debris  
9      (Civil engineering)      short for       mattress       3  
      vb   , mats, matting, matted  
10    to tangle or weave or become tangled or woven into a dense mass  
11    tr   to cover with a mat or mats  
     (Old English matte; related to Old High German matta)  
  matless      adj  
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