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mat grass


      n   a widespread perennial European grass, Nardus stricta, with dense tufts of bristly leaves, characteristic of peaty moors  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  
1    any monocotyledonous plant of the family Gramineae, having jointed stems sheathed by long narrow leaves, flowers in spikes, and seedlike fruits. The family includes cereals, bamboo, etc.  
2    such plants collectively, in a lawn, meadow, etc.  
   Related adjs       gramineous       verdant  
3    any similar plant, such as knotgrass, deergrass, or scurvy grass  
4    ground on which such plants grow; a lawn, field, etc.  
5    ground on which animals are grazed; pasture  
6       a slang word for       marijuana  
7      (Brit)  
slang   a person who informs, esp. on criminals  
8       short for       sparrowgrass  
9    let the grass grow under one's feet   to squander time or opportunity  
10    put out to grass  
a    to retire (a racehorse)  
b    Informal   to retire (a person)  
11    to cover or become covered with grass  
12    to feed or be fed with grass  
13    tr   to spread (cloth) out on grass for drying or bleaching in the sun  
14    tr     (Sport)   to knock or bring down (an opponent)  
15    tr   to shoot down (a bird)  
16    tr   to land (a fish) on a river bank  
17    intr; usually foll by: on     (Brit)  
slang   to inform, esp. to the police,   (See also)        grass up  
     (Old English græs; related to Old Norse, Gothic, Old High German gras, Middle High German gruose sap)  
  grassless      adj  
  grasslike      adj  

barbed-wire grass  
      n     (Austral)   an aromatic grass, Cymbopogon refractus, with groups of seed heads resembling barbed wire  
bent grass  
      n   any perennial grass of the genus Agrostis, esp. A. tenuis, which has a spreading panicle of tiny flowers. Some species are planted for hay or in lawns,   (Sometimes shortened to)    bent  
Bermuda grass  
      n   a widely distributed grass, Cynodon dactylon, with wiry creeping rootstocks and several purplish spikes of flowers arising from a single point: used for lawns, pasturage, binding sand dunes, etc,   (Also called)    scutch grass, wire grass  
blue-eyed grass  
      n   any of various mainly North American iridaceous marsh plants of the genus Sisyrinchium that have grasslike leaves and small flat starlike blue flowers  
      n   any of various grasses of the genus Setaria, such as S. viridis, having a bristly inflorescence  
brome grass   , brome  
      n   any of various grasses of the genus Bromus, having small flower spikes in loose drooping clusters. Some species are used for hay  
     (C18: via Latin from Greek bromos oats, of obscure origin)  
buffalo grass  
1    a short grass, Buchloë dactyloides, growing on the dry plains of the central U.S.  
2      (Austral)   a grass, Stenotaphrum americanum, introduced from North America  
bush grass  
      n   a coarse reedlike grass, Calamagrostis epigejos, 1--1½ metres (3--4½ ft.) high that grows on damp clay soils in Europe and temperate parts of Asia  
canary grass  
1    any of various grasses of the genus Phalaris, esp. P. canariensis, that is native to Europe and N Africa and has straw-coloured seeds used as birdseed  
2    reed canary grass   a related plant, Phalaris arundinacea, used as fodder throughout the N hemisphere  
cane grass  
      n     (Austral)   any of several tall perennial hard-stemmed grasses, esp. Eragrostis australasica, of inland swamps  
cord grass  
      n   a coarse perennial grass of the genus Spartina, characteristically growing in mud or marsh,   (Also called)    rice grass  
cotton grass  
      n   any of various N temperate and arctic grasslike bog plants of the cyperaceous genus Eriophorum, whose clusters of long silky hairs resemble cotton tufts,   (Also called)    bog cotton  
couch grass  
      n   a grass, Agropyron repens, with a yellowish-white creeping underground stem by which it spreads quickly: a troublesome weed,   (Sometimes shortened to)    couch     (Also called)    scutch grass, twitch grass, quitch grass  
crab grass  
      n   any of several coarse weedy grasses of the genus Digitaria, which grow in warm regions and tend to displace other grasses in lawns  
creeping bent grass  
      n   a grass, Agrostris palustris, grown as a pasture grass in Europe and North America: roots readily from the stem  
cutting grass  
      n      a W African name for       cane rat       1  
cutty grass  
      n   a species of sedge, Cyperus ustulatus, of New Zealand with sharp leaves  
elephant grass  
      n   any of various stout tropical grasses or grasslike plants, esp. Pennisetum purpureum, and Typha elephantina, a type of reed mace  
feather grass  
      n   a perennial grass, Stipa pennata, native to the steppes of Europe and N Asia, cultivated as an ornament for its feathery inflorescence  
flote grass  
      n   an aquatic perennial grass, Glyceria fluitans, whose metre-long stems and pale green leaves are often seen floating in still or sluggish water. The related sweet grass (G. plicata) has broader, darker leaves and owes its name to the fact that cattle like to eat it  
     (C16: flote obsolete spelling of float)  
gama grass  
      n   a tall perennial grass, Tripsacum dactyloides, of SE North America: cultivated for fodder  
     (C19: gama, probably changed from grama)  
Grass     (German)  
      n   Günter (Wilhelm) ('gyntər). born 1927, German novelist, dramatist, and poet. His novels include The Tin Drum (1959), Dog Years (1963), The Rat (1986), and Toad Croaks (1992). Nobel prize for literature 1999  
grass box  
      n   a container attached to a lawn mower that receives grass after it has been cut  
grass cloth  
      n   a cloth made from plant fibres, such as jute or hemp  
grass court  
      n   a tennis court covered with grass  
   See also       hard court  
grass hockey  
      n     (Canadian)   field hockey, as contrasted with ice hockey  
grass moth  
      n   any of a large subfamily of small night-flying pyralid moths, esp. Crambus pratellus, that during the day cling to grass stems  
      n   a herbaceous perennial N temperate marsh plant, Parnassia palustris, with solitary whitish flowers: family Parnassiaceae  
grass roots  
      pl n  
a    the ordinary people as distinct from the active leadership of a party or organization: used esp. of the rank-and-file members of a political party, or of the voters themselves  
b    (as modifier)  
the newly elected MP expressed a wish for greater contact with people at grass-roots level     
2    the origin or essentials  
     (C20: sense 1 originally US, with reference to rural areas in contrast to the towns)  
grass snake  
1    a harmless nonvenomous European colubrid snake, Natrix natrix, having a brownish-green body with variable markings  
2    any of several similar related European snakes, such as Natrix maura (viperine grass snake)  
grass tree  
1      (Also called)    blackboy   any liliaceous plant of the Australian genus Xanthorrhoea, having a woody stem, stiff grasslike leaves, and a spike of small white flowers. Some species produce fragrant resins  
   See also       acaroid gum  
2    any of several similar Australasian plants  
grass up  
      vb   tr, adv  
Slang   to inform on (someone), esp. to the police  
grass widow   ,   (masc.)   grass widower  
1    a person divorced, separated, or living away from his or her spouse  
2    a person whose spouse is regularly away for a short period  
     (C16, meaning a discarded mistress: perhaps an allusion to a grass bed as representing an illicit relationship; compare bastard; C19 in the modern sense)  
hair grass  
      n   any grass of the genera Aira, Deschampsia, etc., having very narrow stems and leaves  
heath grass   , heather grass  
      n   a perennial European grass, Sieglingia decumbens, with flat hairless leaves  
Johnson grass  
      n   a persistent perennial Mediterranean grass, Sorghum halepense, cultivated for hay and pasture in the U.S. where it also grows as a weed  
   See also       sorghum  
     (C19: named after William Johnson (died 1859), American agriculturalist who introduced it)  
kangaroo grass  
      n   a tall widespread Australian grass, Themeda australis, which is highly palatable to cattle and is used for fodder  
lemon grass  
      n   a perennial grass, Cymbopogon citratus, with a large flower spike: used in cooking and grown in tropical regions as the source of an aromatic oil (lemon grass oil)  
lyme grass  
      n   a N temperate perennial dune grass, Elymus arenarius, with a creeping stem and rough bluish leaves  
     (C18: probably a respelling (influenced by its genus name, Elymus) of lime1, referring to its stabilizing effect (like lime in mortar))  
marram grass  
      n   any of several grasses of the genus Ammophila (or Psamma), esp. A. arenaria, that grow on sandy shores and can withstand drying: often planted to stabilize sand dunes  
     (C17 marram, from Old Norse marálmr, from marr sea + hálmr haulm)  
mat grass  
      n   a widespread perennial European grass, Nardus stricta, with dense tufts of bristly leaves, characteristic of peaty moors  
meadow grass  
      n   a perennial grass, Poa pratensis, that has erect hairless leaves and grows in meadows and similar places in N temperate regions  
moor grass  
      n   a grass characteristic of moors, especially purple moor grass (Molinia caerulea) of heath and fenland and blue moor grass (Sesleria caerulea) of limestone uplands  
oat grass  
      n   any of various oatlike grasses, esp. of the genera Arrhenatherum and Danthonia, of Eurasia and N. Africa  
pampas grass  
      n   any of various large grasses of the South American genus Cortaderia and related genera, widely cultivated for their large feathery silver-coloured flower branches  
panic grass  
      n   any of various grasses of the genus Panicum, such as millet, grown in warm and tropical regions for fodder and grain  
     (C15 panic, from Latin panicum, probably a back formation from panicula panicle)  
porcupine grass  
      n     (Austral)      another name for       spinifex       2  
quack grass  
      n      another name for       couch grass  
     (C19: a variant of quick grass)  
quaking grass  
      n   any grass of the genus Briza, of N temperate regions and South America, having delicate flower branches that shake in the wind  
quick grass  
      n      another name for       couch grass  
     (C17: Scot. and northern English variant of couch grass, from the earlier quick living; compare quitch grass)  
quitch grass  
      n      another name for       couch grass     (Sometimes shortened to)    quitch  
     (Old English cwice; perhaps related to cwicu living, quick (with the implication that the grass cannot be killed); compare Dutch kweek, Norwegian kvike, German Queckengras)  
reed grass  
      n   a tall perennial grass, Glyceria maxima, of rivers and ponds of Europe, Asia, and Canada  
Rhodes grass  
      n   a perennial grass, Chloris gayana, native to Africa but widely cultivated in dry regions for forage  
     (C19: named after Cecil Rhodes)  
rice grass  
      n      another name for       cord grass  
      n   any of various grasses of the genus Lolium, esp. L. perenne, native to Europe, N Africa, and Asia and widely cultivated as forage crops. They have a flattened flower spike and hairless leaves  
sago grass  
      n     (Austral)   a tall tough grass, Paspalidum globoideum, grown as forage for cattle  
scorpion grass  
      n      another name for       forget-me-not  
scurvy grass  
      n   any of various cruciferous plants of the genus Cochlearia, esp. C. officinalis, of Europe and North America, formerly used to treat scurvy  
scutch grass  
      n   another name for Bermuda grass and couch grass,   (Sometimes shortened to)    scutch  
     (variant of couch grass)  
snow grass  
1      (Austral)   any of various grey-green grasses of the genus Poa, of SE Australian mountain regions  
2      (N.Z.)   any of various hill and high-country grasses of the genus Danthonia  
spear grass  
      n     (N.Z)  
1       another name for       wild Spaniard  
2    any of various grasses with sharp stiff blades or seeds  
squirrel-tail grass  
      n   an annual grass, Hordeum marinum, of salt marsh margins of Europe, having bushy awns  
star grass  
      n   any of various temperate and tropical plants of the amaryllidaceous genus Hypoxis, having long grasslike leaves and yellow star-shaped flowers  
sword grass  
      n   any of various grasses and other plants having sword-shaped sharp leaves  
tape grass  
      n   any of several submerged freshwater plants of the genus Vallisneria, esp. V. spiralis, of warm temperate regions, having ribbon-like leaves: family Hydrocharitaceae  
timothy grass   , timothy  
      n   a perennial grass, Phleum pratense, of temperate regions, having erect stiff stems and cylindrical flower spikes: grown for hay and pasture  
     (C18: apparently named after a Timothy Hanson, who brought it to colonial Carolina)  
tussock grass  
      n     (Austral. and N.Z)   any of several pasture grasses of the genus Poa  
twitch grass  
      n      another name for       couch grass     (Sometimes shortened to)    twitch  
     (C16: a variant of quitch grass)  
vernal grass  
      n   any of various Eurasian grasses of the genus Anthoxanthum, such as A. odoratum (sweet vernal grass), having the fragrant scent of coumarin  
whitlow grass  
      n   any of various grasses of the genera Draba and Erophila, once thought to cure whitlows  
wire grass  
      n   any of various grasses, such as Bermuda grass, that have tough wiry roots or rhizomes  
yard grass  
      n   an Old World perennial grass, Eleusine indica, with prostrate leaves, growing as a troublesome weed on open ground, yards, etc.,   (Also called)    wire grass  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  

Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Définition
1. the operation or work of cutting grass and curing it for hay 2. the act of taking full advantage of an easy opportunity
A seagrass species that is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. Also called Neptune grass.
[Bot.] Latin: Posidonia oceanica. Another species (Posidonia australis) is endemic to Australia.
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