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      n   pl   , -mums, -ma  
1    the greatest possible amount, degree, etc.  
2    the highest value of a variable quantity  
3      (Maths)  
a    a value of a function that is greater than any neighbouring value  
b    a stationary point on a curve at which the tangent changes from a positive value on the left of this point to a negative value on the right  
   Compare       minimum       4  
c    the largest number in a set  
4      (Astronomy)  
a    the time at which the brightness of a variable star has its greatest value  
b    the magnitude of the star at that time  
5    of, being, or showing a maximum or maximums,   (Abbrev.)    max  
     (C18: from Latin: greatest (the neuter form used as noun), from magnus great)  

maximum likelihood  
      n     (Statistics)  
1    the probability of randomly drawing a given sample from a population maximized over the possible values of the population parameters  
2    the non-Bayesian rule that, given an experimental observation, one should utilize as point estimates of parameters of a distribution those values which give the highest conditional probability to that observation, irrespective of the prior probability assigned to the parameters  
maximum-minimum thermometer  
      n   a thermometer that records the highest and lowest temperatures since it was last set  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  


      n   apogee, ceiling, crest, extremity, height, most, peak, pinnacle, summit, top, upper limit, utmost, uttermost, zenith  
      adj   greatest, highest, maximal, most, paramount, supreme, topmost, utmost  
1    bottom, minimum  
2    least, lowest, minimal  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English synonyme-Thesaurus  

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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Définition
maximum; no more (or later) than; at the most
E.g.: You have to be back at 11 o'clock tops; The show lasted one hour tops
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