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1    any of several varieties of two cucurbitaceous vines (see muskmelon, watermelon), cultivated for their edible fruit  
2    the fruit of any of these plants, which has a hard rind and juicy flesh  
3    cut a melon     (U.S. and Canadian)  
slang   to declare an abnormally high dividend to shareholders  
     (C14: via Old French from Late Latin melo, shortened form of melopepo, from Greek melopepon, from melon apple + pepon gourd)  

honeydew melon  
      n   a variety of muskmelon with a smooth greenish-white rind and sweet greenish flesh  
Ogen melon  
      n   a variety of small melon having a green skin and sweet pale green flesh  
     (C20: named after a kibbutz in Israel where it was first developed)  
Persian melon  
      n      another name for       winter melon  
rock melon  
      n     (U.S., Austral., and N.Z.)      another name for       cantaloupe  
winter melon  
      n   a variety of muskmelon, Cucumis melo inodorus, that has sweet fruit with pale orange flesh and an unridged rind,   (Also called)    Persian melon  
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