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1      (Philosophy)   the doctrine that the person consists of only a single substance, or that there is no crucial difference between mental and physical events or properties  
   Compare       dualism       2  
See also  
    materialism       2       idealism       3  
2      (Philosophy)   the doctrine that reality consists of an unchanging whole in which change is mere illusion  
   Compare       pluralism       5  
3    the epistemological theory that the object and datum of consciousness are identical  
4    the attempt to explain anything in terms of one principle only  
     (C19: from Greek monos single + -ism)  
  monist      n, adj  
  monistic      adj  
  monistically      adv  

anomalous monism  
      n   the philosophical doctrine that although all mental states consist merely in states of the brain, there exist no regular correspondences between classes of mental and physical states, and so no psychophysical laws  
   See also       identity theory  
neutral monism  
      n   the philosophical doctrine that mind and body are both constructs of the same elements which cannot themselves be classified either as mental or physical  
   See also       monism       1  
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