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1    the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another  
   Compare       manslaughter       homicide  
2    Informal   something dangerous, difficult, or unpleasant  
driving around London is murder     
3    cry blue murder         
Informal   to make an outcry  
4    get away with murder  
Informal   to escape censure; do as one pleases  
      vb   mainly tr  
5    also intr   to kill (someone) unlawfully with premeditation or during the commission of a crime  
6    to kill brutally  
7    Informal   to destroy; ruin  
he murdered her chances of happiness     
8    Informal   to defeat completely; beat decisively  
the home team murdered their opponents        (Also (archaic or dialect))    murther  
     (Old English morthor; related to Old English morth, Old Norse morth, Latin mors death; compare French meurtre)  
   murderer             n  
  murderess      fem n  
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assassin, butcher, cut-throat, hit man     (slang)   homicide, killer, slaughterer, slayer  

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