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      vb   tr  
1    to fail to give due care, attention, or time to  
to neglect a child     
2    to fail (to do something) through thoughtlessness or carelessness  
he neglected to tell her     
3    to ignore or disregard  
she neglected his frantic signals     
4    lack of due care or attention; negligence  
the child starved through neglect     
5    the act or an instance of neglecting or the state of being neglected  
     (C16: from Latin neglegere to neglect, from nec not + legere to select)  
  neglecter, neglector      n  

unilateral neglect  
      n   a symptom of brain damage in which a person is unaware of one side of his body and of anything in the external world on the same side  
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1    contemn, discount, disdain, disregard, ignore, leave alone, overlook, pass by, rebuff, scorn, slight, spurn, turn one's back on  
2    be remiss, evade, forget, let slide, omit, pass over, procrastinate, shirk, skimp  
3    disdain, disregard, disrespect, heedlessness, inattention, indifference, slight, unconcern  
4    carelessness, default, dereliction, failure, forgetfulness, laxity, laxness, neglectfulness, negligence, oversight, remissness, slackness, slovenliness  
,       vb   appreciate, attend to, notice, observe, regard, remember, value  
      n   attention, care, consideration, notice, regard, respect  

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