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pack drill


      n   a military punishment by which the offender is made to march about carrying a full pack of equipment  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  
pack          [1]  
a    a bundle or load, esp. one carried on the back  
b    (as modifier)  
a pack animal     
2    a collected amount of anything  
3    a complete set of similar things, esp. a set of 52 playing cards  
4    a group of animals of the same kind, esp. hunting animals  
a pack of hounds     
5    any group or band that associates together, esp. for criminal purposes  
6      (Rugby)   the forwards of a team or both teams collectively, as in a scrum or in rucking  
7    the basic organizational unit of Cub Scouts and Brownie Guides  
a    a small package, carton, or container, used to retail commodities, esp. foodstuffs, cigarettes, etc.  
b    (in combination)  
9       a U.S. and Canadian word for       packet       1  
10       short for       pack ice  
11    the quantity of something, such as food, packaged for preservation  
12      (Med)  
a    a sheet or blanket, either damp or dry, for wrapping about the body, esp. for its soothing effect  
b    a material such as cotton or gauze for temporarily filling a bodily cavity, esp. to control bleeding  
13       short for       backpack       rucksack  
14      (Mining)   a roof support, esp. one made of rubble  
15       short for       face pack  
16    a parachute folded and ready for use  
17      (Computing)      another name for       deck       5  
18    go to the pack     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   to fall into a lower state or condition  
19    to place or arrange (articles) in (a container), such as clothes in a suitcase  
20    tr   to roll up into a bundle  
21    when passive, often foll by: out   to press tightly together; cram  
the audience packed into the foyer, the hall was packed out     
22    tr; foll by: in or into   to fit (many things, experiences, etc.) into a limited space or time  
she packed a lot of theatre visits into her holiday     
23    to form (snow, ice, etc.) into a hard compact mass or (of snow, ice, etc.) to become compacted  
24    tr   to press in or cover tightly  
to pack a hole with cement     
25    tr   to load (a horse, donkey, etc.) with a burden  
26    often foll by: off or away   to send away or go away, esp. hastily  
27    tr   to seal (a joint) by inserting a layer of compressible material between the faces  
28    tr   to fill (a bearing or gland) with grease to lubricate it  
29    tr   to separate (two adjoining components) so that they have a predetermined gap between them, by introducing shims, washers, plates, etc.  
30    tr     (Med)   to treat with a pack  
31    tr  
Slang   to be capable of inflicting (a blow)  
he packs a mean punch     
32    tr     (U.S.)  
informal   to carry or wear habitually  
he packs a gun     
33    intr; often foll by: down     (Rugby)   to form a scrum  
34    tr; often foll by: into, to, etc.     (U.S., Canadian, and N.Z.)   to carry (goods), esp. on the back  
will you pack your camping equipment into the mountains?     
35    pack one's bags  
Informal   to get ready to leave  
36    send packing  
Informal   to dismiss peremptorily,   (See also)        pack in       pack up  
     (C13: related to Middle Low German pak, of obscure origin)  
  packable      adj  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  




1    back pack, bale, bundle, burden, fardel     (archaic)   kit, kitbag, knapsack, load, package, packet, parcel, rucksack, truss  
2    assemblage, band, bunch, collection, company, crew, crowd, deck, drove, flock, gang, group, herd, lot, mob, set, troop  
3    batch, bundle, burden, load, package, packet, store, stow  
4    charge, compact, compress, cram, crowd, fill, jam, mob, press, ram, stuff, tamp, throng, wedge  
5      (with)       off   bundle out, dismiss, hustle out, send away, send packing     (informal)   send someone about his business  

pack in  
1    attract, cram, draw, fill to capacity, squeeze in  
2      (Brit. informal)   cease, chuck     (informal)   desist, give up or over, jack in, kick     (informal)   leave off, stop  
pack up  
1    put away, store, tidy up  
2      (informal)   call it a day     (informal)   call it a night     (informal)   finish, give up, pack in     (Brit. informal)  
3    break down, conk out     (informal)   fail, give out, stall, stop  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English synonyme-Thesaurus  

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1. break; fall apart; 2. be in a bad mood
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