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a    a wide metal vessel used in cooking  
b    (in combination)  
2      (Also called)    panful   the amount such a vessel will hold  
3    any of various similar vessels used esp. in industry, as for boiling liquids  
4    a dish used by prospectors, esp. gold prospectors, for separating a valuable mineral from the gravel or earth containing it by washing and agitating  
5    either of the two dishlike receptacles on a balance  
6      (Also called)    lavatory pan     (Brit)   the bowl of a lavatory  
a    a natural or artificial depression in the ground where salt can be obtained by the evaporation of brine  
b    a natural depression containing water or mud  
8      (Caribbean)   the indented top from an oil drum used as the treble drum in a steel band  
9       See       hardpan       brainpan  
10    a small ice floe  
11       a slang word for       face       1a  
12    a small cavity containing priming powder in the locks of old guns  
13    a hard substratum of soil  
14       short for       pan loaf  
      vb   , pans, panning, panned  
15    when tr, often foll by: off or out   to wash (gravel) in a pan to separate particles of (valuable minerals) from it  
16    intr; often foll by: out   (of gravel) to yield valuable minerals by this process  
17    tr  
Informal   to criticize harshly  
the critics panned his new play        (See also)        pan out  
     (Old English panne; related to Old Saxon, Old Norse panna, Old High German pfanna)  
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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Définition
tecnologia di cucina;[Tech.] Attrezzatura propria della cucine industriali, usata per brasare e preparare gli "umidi", se ribaltabile , dicesi tilting b.p.
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