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a    a device used to retard the fall of a man or package from an aircraft, consisting of a large fabric canopy connected to a harness  
b    (as modifier)  
parachute troops        (Sometimes shortened to)    chute      See also       brake parachute  
2    (of troops, supplies, etc.) to land or cause to land by parachute from an aircraft  
3      (Canadian)   (in an election) to bring in (a candidate, esp. someone well known) from outside the constituency  
     (C18: from French, from para-2 + chute fall)  
  parachutist      n  

brake parachute  
      n   a parachute attached to the rear of a vehicle and opened to assist braking,   (Also called)    brake chute, parachute brake, parabrake  
golden parachute  
Informal   a clause in the employment contract of a senior executive providing for special benefits if the executive's employment is terminated as a result of a takeover  
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