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1    an ordered, esp. ceremonial, march, assembly, or procession, as of troops being reviewed  
on parade     
2      (Also called)    parade ground   a place where military formations regularly assemble  
3    a visible show or display  
to make a parade of one's grief     
4    a public promenade or street of shops  
5    a successive display of things or people  
6    the interior area of a fortification  
7    a parry in fencing  
8    on parade  
a    on display  
b    showing oneself off  
9    when intr, often foll by: through or along   to walk or march, esp. in a procession (through)  
to parade the streets     
10    tr   to exhibit or flaunt  
he was parading his medals     
11    tr   to cause to assemble in formation, as for a military parade  
12    intr   to walk about in a public place  
     (C17: from French: a making ready, a setting out, a boasting display; compare Italian parata, Spanish parada, all ultimately from Latin parare to prepare)  
  parader      n  

church parade  
      n   a parade by servicemen or members of a uniformed organization for the purposes of attending religious services  
dress parade  
      n     (Military)   a formal parade of sufficient ceremonial importance for the wearing of dress uniform  
emu parade  
      n     (Austral)   an army exercise devoted to emu-bobbing  
hit parade  
Old-fashioned   a listing or playing of the current most popular songs  
identification parade  
      n   a group of persons including one suspected of having committed a crime assembled for the purpose of discovering whether a witness can identify the suspect  
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1    array, cavalcade, ceremony, column, march, pageant, procession, review, spectacle, train  
2    array, display, exhibition, flaunting, ostentation, pomp, show, spectacle, vaunting  
3    defile, march, process  
4    air, brandish, display, exhibit, flaunt, make a show of, show, show off     (informal)   strut, swagger, vaunt  

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