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1      (Anatomy, biology)   of, relating to, or forming the walls or part of the walls of a bodily cavity or similar structure  
the parietal bones of the skull     
2    of or relating to the side of the skull  
3    (of plant ovaries) having ovules attached to the walls  
4      (U.S.)   living or having authority within a college  
5    a parietal bone  
     (C16: from Late Latin parietalis, from Latin paries wall)  

parietal bone  
      n   either of the two bones forming part of the roof and sides of the skull  
parietal cell  
      n   any one of the cells in the lining of the stomach that produce hydrochloric acid  
parietal lobe  
      n   the portion of each cerebral hemisphere concerned with the perception and interpretation of sensations of touch, temperature, and taste and with muscular movements  
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