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      n   pl   , -tries  
1    a dough of flour, water, shortening, and sometimes other ingredients  
2    baked foods, such as tarts, made with this dough  
3    an individual cake or pastry pie  
     (C16: from paste1)  

choux pastry  
      n   a very light pastry made with eggs, used for eclairs, etc.  
     (partial translation of French pâte choux cabbage dough (from its round shape))  
Danish pastry  
      n   a rich puff pastry filled with apple, almond paste, icing, etc.  
flaky pastry  
      n   a rich pastry in the form of very thin layers, used for making pies, small cakes, etc.  
French pastry  
      n   a rich pastry made esp. from puff pastry and filled with cream, fruit, etc.  
pastry cream  
      n   a creamy custard, often flavoured, used as a filling for éclairs, flans, etc.,   (Also called)    pastry custard  
puff pastry   ,   (U.S.)   puff paste  
      n   a dough rolled in thin layers incorporating fat to make a rich flaky pastry for pies, rich pastries, etc.  
rough puff pastry  
      n   a rich flaky pastry made with butter and used for pie-crusts, flans, etc.  
shortcrust pastry  
      n   a basic type of pastry that is made with half the quantity of fat to flour, and has a crisp but crumbly texture,   (Also called)    short pastry  
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