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1    a sudden short blaze of intense light or flame  
a flash of sunlight     
2    a sudden occurrence or display, esp. one suggestive of brilliance  
a flash of understanding     
3    a very brief space of time  
over in a flash     
4    an ostentatious display  
a flash of her diamonds     
5      (Also called)    newsflash   a short news announcement concerning a new event  
6      (Also called)    patch            (Chiefly Brit)   an insignia or emblem worn on a uniform, vehicle, etc., to identify its military formation  
7    a patch of bright colour on a dark background, such as light marking on an animal  
8    a volatile mixture of inorganic salts used to produce a glaze on bricks or tiles  
a    a sudden rush of water down a river or watercourse  
b    a device, such as a sluice, for producing such a rush  
10      (Photog, informal)      short for       flashlight       2       flash photography  
11    a ridge of thin metal or plastic formed on a moulded object by the extrusion of excess material between dies  
12      (Yorkshire and Lancashire)  
dialect   a pond, esp. one produced as a consequence of subsidence  
13    modifier   involving, using, or produced by a flash of heat, light, etc.  
flash blindness, flash distillation     
14    flash in the pan   a project, person, etc., that enjoys only short-lived success, notoriety, etc.  
15    Informal   ostentatious or vulgar  
16    Informal   of or relating to gamblers and followers of boxing and racing  
17    sham or counterfeit  
18    Informal   relating to or characteristic of the criminal underworld  
19    brief and rapid  
flash freezing     
20    to burst or cause to burst suddenly or intermittently into flame  
21    to emit or reflect or cause to emit or reflect light suddenly or intermittently  
22    intr   to move very fast  
he flashed by on his bicycle     
23    intr   to come rapidly (into the mind or vision)  
24    intr; foll by: out or up   to appear like a sudden light  
his anger really flashes out at times     
a    to signal or communicate very fast  
to flash a message     
b    to signal by use of a light, such as car headlights  
26    tr  
Informal   to display ostentatiously  
to flash money around     
27    tr  
Informal   to show suddenly and briefly  
28    intr     (Brit)  
slang   to expose oneself indecently  
29    tr   to cover (a roof) with flashing  
30    to send a sudden rush of water down (a river, etc.), or to carry (a vessel) down by this method  
31    (in the making of glass) to coat (glass) with a thin layer of glass of a different colour  
32    tr   to subject to a brief pulse of heat or radiation  
33    tr   to change (a liquid) to a gas by causing it to hit a hot surface  
34    Obsolete   to splash or dash (water)  
     (C14 (in the sense: to rush, as of water): of unknown origin)  

a    a piece of material used to mend a garment or to make patchwork, a sewn-on pocket, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
a patch pocket     
2    a small piece, area, expanse, etc.  
a    a small plot of land  
b    its produce  
a patch of cabbages     
4    a district for which particular officials, such as social workers or policemen, have responsibility  
he's a problem that's on your patch, John     
5      (Pathol)   any discoloured area on the skin, mucous membranes, etc., usually being one sign of a specific disorder  
6      (Med)  
a    a protective covering for an injured eye  
b    any protective dressing  
7    an imitation beauty spot, esp. one made of black or coloured silk, worn by both sexes, esp. in the 18th century  
8      (Also called)    flash   an identifying piece of fabric worn on the shoulder of a uniform, on a vehicle, etc.  
9    a small contrasting section or stretch  
a patch of cloud in the blue sky     
10    a scrap; remnant  
11    a small set of instructions to correct or improve a computer program  
12    a bad patch   a difficult or troubled time  
13    not a patch on  
Informal   not nearly as good as  
      vb   tr  
14    to mend or supply (a garment, etc.) with a patch or patches  
15    to put together or produce with patches  
16    (of material) to serve as a patch to  
17    often foll by: up   to mend hurriedly or in a makeshift way  
18    often foll by: up   to make (up) or settle (a quarrel)  
19    to connect (electric circuits) together temporarily by means of a patch board  
20    usually foll by: through   to connect (a telephone call) by means of a patch board  
21      (Computing)   to correct or improve (a program) by adding a small set of instructions  
     (C16 pacche, perhaps from French pieche piece)  
  patchable      adj  
  patcher      n  
patch board   , panel  
      n   a device with a large number of sockets into which electrical plugs can be inserted to form many different temporary circuits: used in telephone exchanges, computer systems, etc.,   (Also called)    plugboard  
patch pocket  
      n   a pocket on the outside of a garment  
patch quilt  
      n     (Irish)   a patchwork quilt  
patch test  
      n     (Med)   a test to detect an allergic reaction by applying small amounts of a suspected substance to the skin and then examining the area for signs of irritation  
purple patch  
1      (Also called)    purple passage   a section in a piece of writing characterized by rich, fanciful, or ornate language  
2    Slang   a period of success, good fortune, etc.  
shoulder patch  
      n     (Military)   an emblem worn high on the arm as an insignia,   (Also called)    shoulder flash  
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1    piece of material, reinforcement  
2    bit, scrap, shred, small piece, spot, stretch  
3    area, ground, land, plot, tract  
4    cover, fix, mend, reinforce, repair, sew up  
5      (with)       up   bury the hatchet, conciliate, make friends, placate, restore, settle, settle differences, smooth  

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