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1    any of the feet of a four-legged mammal, bearing claws or nails  
2    Informal   a hand, esp. one that is large, clumsy, etc.  
3    to scrape or contaminate with the paws or feet  
4    tr  
Informal   to touch or caress in a clumsy, rough, or overfamiliar manner; maul  
     (C13: via Old French from Germanic; related to Middle Dutch pote, German Pfote)  

1    a person used by another as a tool; dupe  
2      (Nautical)   a hitch in the form of two loops, or eyes, in the bight of a line, used for attaching it to a hook  
3    a pattern of ripples on the surface of water caused by a light wind  
     ((sense 1) C18: so called from the tale of the monkey who used a cat's paw to draw chestnuts out of a fire)  
kangaroo paw  
      n   any plant of the Australian genus Anigozanthos, having green-and-red hairy flowers: family Haemodoraceae  
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      vb   grab, handle roughly, manhandle, maul, molest  

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PAW abbr. acron.
Short for "parents are watching"
[Fam.];[Slang] Used by kids as a warning that an adult is around and so they aren't free to talk.

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