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      n   pl   , -ties  
1    a legal or official punishment, such as a term of imprisonment  
2    some other form of punishment, such as a fine or forfeit for not fulfilling a contract  
3    loss, suffering, or other unfortunate result of one's own action, error, etc.  
4      (Sport, games, etc.)   a handicap awarded against a player or team for illegal play, such as a free shot at goal by the opposing team, loss of points, etc.  
     (C16: from Medieval Latin poenalitas penalty; see penal)  

death penalty  
      n   often preceded by: the   capital punishment  
penalty area  
      n     (Soccer)   a rectangular area in front of the goal, within which the goalkeeper may handle the ball and within which a penalty is awarded for a foul by the defending team  
penalty box  
1      (Soccer)      another name for       penalty area  
2      (Ice hockey)   a bench for players serving time penalties  
penalty corner  
      n     (Hockey)   a free hit from the goal line taken by the attacking side,   (Also called)    short corner  
penalty kick  
1      (Soccer)   a free kick at the goal from a point (penalty spot) within the penalty area and 12 yards (about 11 m) from the goal, with only the goalkeeper allowed to defend it: awarded to the attacking team after a foul within the penalty area by a member of the defending team  
2      (Rugby Union)   a kick awarded after a serious foul that can be aimed straight at the goal to score three points  
penalty killer  
      n     (Ice hockey)   a good player who, when his team is short-handed because of a penalty, is sent onto the ice to prevent the other side from scoring  
penalty rates  
      pl n     (Austral. and N.Z.)   rates of pay, such as double time, paid to employees working outside normal working hours  
penalty shoot-out  
1      (Soccer)   a method of deciding the winner of a drawn match, in which players from each team attempt to score with a penalty kick  
2    a similar method of resolving a tie in hockey, ice hockey, polo, etc.  
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disadvantage, fine, forfeit, forfeiture, handicap, mulct, price, punishment, retribution  

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