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      n   pl   , pennies, pence  
1      (Also called (formerly))    new penny   (in Britain) a bronze coin having a value equal to one hundredth of a pound,   (Symbol)    p  
2    (in Britain before 1971) a bronze or copper coin having a value equal to one twelfth of a shilling or one two-hundred-and-fortieth of a pound,   (Abbrev.)    d  
3    a monetary unit of the Republic of Ireland worth one hundredth of a pound  
4    pl   , pennies   (in the U.S. and Canada) a cent  
5    a coin of similar value, as used in several other countries  
6    used with a negative  
Informal     (chiefly Brit)   the least amount of money  
I don't have a penny     
7    a bad penny  
Informal     (chiefly Brit)   an objectionable person or thing (esp. in the phrase turn up like a bad penny)  
8    a pretty penny  
Informal   a considerable sum of money  
9    spend a penny     (Brit)  
informal   to urinate  
10    the penny dropped  
Informal     (chiefly Brit)   the explanation of something was finally realized  
11    two a penny   plentiful but of little value  
     (Old English penig, pening; related to Old Saxon penni(n)g, Old High German pfeni(n)c, German Pfennig)  

      n   pl   , -nies     (Brit)      a variant spelling of       halfpenny  
new penny  
      n      another name for       penny       1  
Now rare   a hack writer or journalist  
penny arcade  
      n     (Chiefly U.S)   a public place with various coin-operated machines for entertainment; amusement arcade  
Penny Black  
      n   the first adhesive postage stamp, issued in Britain in 1840; an imperforate stamp bearing the profile of Queen Victoria on a dark background  
      n   pl   , -fuls     (Brit)  
informal   a cheap, often lurid or sensational book or magazine  
      n     (Brit)   an early type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a small rear wheel, the pedals being attached to the front wheel,   (U.S. name)    ordinary  
     (C20: so called because of the similarity between the relative sizes of the wheels and the relative sizes of the (old) penny and farthing coins)  
Informal   excessively careful with money  
  penny-pincher      n  
penny shares  
      pl n     (Stock Exchange)   securities with a low market price, esp. less than 20p, enabling small investors to purchase a large number for a relatively small outlay  
penny whistle  
      n   a type of flageolet with six finger holes, esp. a cheap one made of metal,   (Also called)    tin whistle  
1    greatly concerned with saving small sums of money  
2    penny-wise and pound-foolish   careful about trifles but wasteful in large ventures  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  
a penny for your thoughts exp.
expression used to encourage someone to share with you what's on his mind

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